January 2010 Games Roundup

Posted by on Saturday, 9th January, 2010

Don’t let the byline fool you — this overview of the month’s upcoming games was written by Chinny. Duke just did a little formatting and stuff.

Bayonetta (360, PS3)

Also know as the Sarah Palin adventures, this Hack n Slash seems be stirring quite a buzz amongst the critiquing circles. Seems like it’s shaping up quite nicely (I could insert the comment “like her arse” but I’m better than that)

Darksiders (360, PS3)

Don’t you hate it when you accidently start the end of the world a day early? This action/puzzle games is sure to appeal to the Zelda fans out there, not sure about the rest of the demographic though.

Army of Two: The 40th Day (360, PS3, PSP)

With EA assuring us that the bro-mance is nothing more than plutonic, Army of Two: The 40th day is all about guns, violence and being a man, Woooo! And so on.

Vancouver 2010 (360, PS3)

If you felt the same way I did when you read this then you properly said “Van what?” Another Olympics game, another reason to make your wrist tired and another reason to make a masturbation joke.

Dark Void (360, PS3)

From the creators of Crimson Skies comes Dark Void, A young dashing protagonist, (who is totally not Nathan Drake) wonders into another world, where he’ll have to use flight, gun combat and a jetpack to get out. Jetpack FTW!

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP, PS2)

A reimagining of the first Silent Hill, this game takes the survival horror genre over to the Wii, making good use of the platform with unique gameplay elements. Hopefully it will sell, but the survey says… properly not.


Massive. Action. Game. Supporting 256 playing at once, MAG aims to bring FPS MMO COOP SWAT RTS POO (Last one was made up) to the PS3.

Mass Effect 2 (360, PC)

Bioware’s latest Sci-FI Adventure continues, however it seems this is going to be Shepard’s last, I mean biggest challenge yet.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Wii)

Though the first one already told us that there are ‘No More Heroes’ It’s back again just in case we didn’t get it the first time round. This sandbox, action game could be one of the biggest gems on the Wii this year.

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  1. fatwaster says:

    Skuldugger – the Dark Void demo is up on Live now, I’ve had a quick go on it and it’s not too bad.

  2. Rick (R1CK5TER) says:

    Name spelt wrong god I’m stupid sometimes.

  3. Rick (R1CK5T£$) says:

    I have beem playing MAG and have to say that I cannot see the point of this game, graphically it is at least 2yrs old and it has the worst controller scheme that I have ever come across, maybe this is because it is an open Beta but I only ever join with French or Germans, now I have nothing against either of these two nations (that a tactical nuclear strike wouldn’t put right) but as my knowledge of both these languages is limited I was next to useless to my squad. This game needs to find a place or else it sink faster than the Titanic.

  4. Well i have picked up Bayonetta and have found it to be a great game worth every penny to me, but i could see that for people who want to play through its crazy story line once just for experience then its not worth anything but a rent.

    A few of my friends have done it and nearly twice (harder difficulty) so a Rent will give you a great play through. I see myself though playing it again and again to achievement whore but alos there is an leaderboards i would like to fail at getting on 🙂

  5. Richard (Skulduggerer) says:

    Just realised that Dark Void is the game i saw clips of ages ago, and bought Dead Space on the back of, by mistake!
    Hope this is as good as the mistake i bought.
    Goes to show that burning brain cells in your younger years, sometimes does pay off.

  6. DukeSkath says:

    Yeah, the other thing is that the game lets you save in unusual spots — it has to be calm (no enemies about), but you can usually save right before or right after a fight. So save a LOT. And if you’re referring to the fight with the snipers that leap all over the place, I had trouble with that too. Stay strong dude! The reapers MUST be defeated! The universe is counting on you.

  7. Fat Waster says:

    @ Duke – I’m loving the story so far (I love sci fi so it’s perfect for me) but I’m struggling with some aspects of the gameplay. I’m on the first landing mission with the moon buggy thing and I’ve died 2 or 3 times and it’s chucked me right back to the start of the mission which I’ve found frustrating. I have a few other issues too but I don’t suppose dipping in every couple of weeks is the best way to play this game, maybe I should devote a week or two and just play it solidly.

  8. DukeSkath says:

    Let the story engross you, FW.. Get to know the characters a bit and give it a fair chance. As you may know, I didn’t get into it when I first played it either..

  9. Fat Waster says:

    I won’t be buying any of these this month, I’ll either rent Bayonetta or pick it up second hand in a few months. I may give Darksiders a quick rent too but probably won’t bother with any of the others. I’ve only just just started Mass Effect recently and I know it’s heresy but I’m finding it a bit boring.

  10. Knightxxxl says:

    Great first article, looking forward to reading febuarys.. Good luck with the site

  11. Stuart says:

    Well that sets us up for January then.

  12. DukeSkath says:

    Good article, Chinny!


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