PS3 Exclusives 2010

Posted by on Wednesday, 13th January, 2010

MAG (Massive Action Game)

Developer – Zipper Interactive

Release Date 26/01/2010

Yes the name is terrible but will the game be good, well if the beta is anything to go by I’m just not sure, as far as I know this is going to be multiplayer only and I just don’t know if it is going to be enough.

Console seller rating 5/10

White Knight Chronicles

Developer – Level 5

Release Date 02/02/2010

We don’t know an awful lot about this game, but it’s a JRPG and if that is your bag you may enjoy it, it will have a party system with real time combat.

Console seller rating 3/10

Heavy Rain

Developer – Quantic dream

Release Date 16/02/2010

What more can I say about this game, it’s going to be cool, buy it, buy it now.

Did I mention the weekly DLC,  yes you will get weekly DLC soon after launch to give you the re-playability that you wont get from the main game.

As we know David Cage only wants us to play it once.

Console seller rating 5/10

Gran Turismo 5

Developer -  Polyphony Digital

Release Date TBC

So this is the PS3 racing sim that everyone has been waiting for since the PS3 launched, the bad news is it has just been announced that it has been delayed in Japan by anything up to three months,  who knows when it will release in America or the UK.

Console seller rating 8/10

God Of War 3

Developer – Santa Monica Studio

Release Date 02/03/2010

Well its almost here, I’ve played the demo and it was gruesome to say the least, the combat was fluid and the boss fights are very well done, a classic in the making? I’m not sure, but it will be a solid game that will sell by the bucketload.

Console seller rating 8/10

The Last Guardian

Developer – Team Ico

Release Date TBC

This is the third game from Team Ico, who previously brought us Ico and Shadow of The Colossus, both of which were highly critically acclaimed games, and this promises to be as good.

By the way the bird cat thing will probably die at the end.

Console seller rating 6/10

Other releases

Possible other releases include, The Agency, Agent, Modnation Racers, FFXIII versus and FFXIV.

Well that’s about it for PS3 exclusives, stay tuned as the Xbox 360 exclusives are coming soon.

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  1. DaveDogg says:

    unfortunately i have played the MAG beta and to be honest i cant see why its a retail game or on the PS3 for the following reasons firstly as a retail game it is going to have to deal with MW2, Bad Company 2, and maybe even the new Medal of Honor. and i dont think that there is enough of a case for that however when you consider the following battlefield 1943 has had there is certainly a case for it as a download game. As for why it should be on the PS3 i am just left in the dark it seems as though very few owners of the platform either own or use headsets and therefor communication between a party of 8 or even more if you have got to command status is abysmal

  2. Fat Waster says:

    I’ve not played the MAG beta but I’ve not heard great things. I’m interested to see how Heavy Rain turns out though.
    I’ve never played a God of War game but it sounds like my kind of thing.


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