Xbox 360 Exclusives 2010

Posted by on Thursday, 14th January, 2010

Well the PS3 has quite a few exclusives, but what has the 360 got to offer in return.

Well lets do the rundown

Mass Effect 2

Developer – Bioware

Release Date 29/01/2010

Well not long to wait now for what could be one of the best RPG’s of 2010.

I’ve played this game, and have to say that they have fixed all the faults of the first game, it now plays more like a shooter, than an RPG, and thank god they got rid of the lifts, possible Game Of The Year contender.

Console Seller Rating 7/10

Splinter Cell Conviction

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal

Release date 23/02/2010

Well it went from this:

To this:

Not sure if I prefer the more ‘I’m on the run look’, but that’s just me, anyway, it will be more stealth, torture and interrogation than you can shake a stick at, and if the publisher is to be believed it will all be done with a Coca Cola bottle.

Console Seller Rating 7/10

Alan Wake

Developer – Remedy

Release Date May 2010 (Maybe)

It’s almost here, it was first announced at E3 2005 as a launch title, well its now four years later.

On August 17 2009, Matias Myllyrinne, managing director at Remedy claimed that Alan Wake is ‘done’, and is undergoing final polishing, if he is to be believed it will be here very soon, the only nagging doubt, is a concern that it has been left behind in the last four years, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Console Seller Rating 5/10

Metro 2033

Developer – 4A Games

Release Date TBC

Set in the shattered subway of a post apocalyptic Moscow, it looks like a more linear version of Fallout 3, what is cool about this game is that part of the Moscow subway really is a nuclear bunker.

Will it be good, who knows, it could go either way.

Console Seller Rating 1/10

Crackdown 2

Developer – Ruffian Games

Release Date TBC

More explosions, more orbs, and more crazy jumps, which comes topped with four player co-op and multiplayer.

As most of the original development team moved from Realtime Worlds to Ruffian, this could be a whole barrel of fun.

Console Seller Rating 5/10

Halo Reach

Developer – Bungie

Release Date Autumn/Fall 2010

More Halo, nuff said

Console Seller Rating 8/10

Fable 3

Developer – Lionhead Studio

Release Date Autumn/Fall 2010

The player’s character, known as a “Hero,” is forced into a quest to become a revolutionary leader to defeat the king after an “injustice” happens to their parent, believed to be at the hands of the tyrant. Over the course of the first half of the game, the Hero will overthrow the tyrant and become ruler of Albion themselves. During the second half of the game, a foreign nation will threaten Albion and the player has to decide how to react to it.

Oh and don’t forget Natal, you will be able to touch the people Mmmm.

Console Seller Rating 7/10

One possible other game coming this year could be Gears Of War 3.

Stay tuned for multiplatform games.

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