The Veteran Gamers Episode 1 - Welcome To The Veteran Gamers……

Posted by on Friday, 15th January, 2010

Well it’s show 1 of the veteran Gamers Podcast, formally The o35s, and what a show we’ve got for you.

Join The Daddy, Chinny and The Duke, as they trawl through the upcoming releases for 2010, both exclusive and multiplatform.

The Duchess of Skath gives us the lowdown on Wallace and Grommit, and we finish as always with the quiz.

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  1. The Daddy says:

    There was never really any plans to change the format of the show, it was more for rebranding to link to the new website.

  2. Markanix says:

    Great first show, although I was expecting a completely new format under the new banner for some reason. I agree with Skulduggerer, Duchess of Skath sounds just like the Duke. A perfect match if ever I heard one !!

    Keep up the good work you Three Amigos.

  3. Fat Waster says:

    Another great show guys. You lot must never sleep what with the website, the podcast and of course playing games (not to mention families and jobs). Where do you buy your coffee? I need to get some ASAP.

  4. Skulduggerer (Rich) says:

    I did do a bit of a fast forward for them. Didn’t realise you’d posted a reply, or I would have brought it up in them few games we had tonight. Although it was probably better I didn’t, as I sucked big time!
    I was jumping lobby to lobby until the L4D2 fellas came on.
    Anyway catch you again.
    NB the girls have a possible Petville / Batman Arkham Asylam mashup in the offing…

  5. DukeSkath says:

    Dude making your kids listen to our podcast in the car is considered child abuse in many parts of the world. (Unless you only played the part where they’re singing.)

    I’m trying to be objective about BS2, but I can’t help feeling that the lightning simply will NOT strike twice.

  6. Skulduggerer (Rich) says:

    First things first the zombie theme rendition came on in the car, when me n the girls were returning from watching Avatar. The visual reaction in my rear view mirror was hilarious. Jenna, the eldest took on a huffy look, put her fingers in her ears and sunk down in the seat, so her coat took on a tortoise shell role and engulfedher head.
    Lia however went the opposite way, started beaming at stereo and singing along.
    But thanks for playing it (my wife listened in stitches when we got back).
    In answer to the ‘Portal’ request, I’ve not got it (which Jennas chuffed about), but Lias now harassing me to get it (Simon Cowell beckons methinks).
    I was amazed how similar Duke and Duchess sounded, not just accent but mannerisms and comedy pause.
    One point on Bioshock 2. It sounds like you guys are expecting a right turkey. Whilst I’m a bit weary of the multiplayer, I think the fact they have seperate teams doing campaign and multiplayer, means that one won’t detract from the other. If the multiplayer does turn out to be below par I’ll settle for a good single player (like GTA4, IMO).
    Anyway great to hear the first podcast

  7. DaveDogg says:

    great first podcast under the new banner unfortunately marred by one comment by the duke and that was not about games but a certain movie while i do realize that movies are all about taste i do have to say that “Aliens” suffers from that most ubiquitous of faults the stupid premise and then goes downhill from there, this is as follows Ripley being the lone survivor after an attack by just one of the eponymous aliens (which if you remember bleed acid) is persuaded to go to a planet that has a human colony on a rescue mission with a battalion of marines(carrying projectile weapons) where the colony is under attack from a large but unknown number of said aliens. this would illicit one of the following answers from anyone with more than 1 functioning brain cell. (1) No freaking way all the colonists are dead. Or (2) Going there is suicide shoot me now. Other than that fantastic podcast


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