Sony EU Mechandising Manager Confirms Heavy Rain Demo

Posted by on Thursday, 21st January, 2010

Mike Kebby, Merchandising Manager for the Sony EU store has confirmed on the Playstation Blog that a Heavy Rain demo will hit February 11th 2010.

I’m hoping it’s something different to the one I played at Eurogamer, but if not I will still be interested to play through it again, to see what other possibilities there are.

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  1. DukeSkath says:

    NO, Stu! You can only play it ONCE! if you played the demo already, you may NOT play it again! It is VERBOTEN!

  2. Eddy says:

    I’m realy looking forward to playing this, it’s good to play something different for a change.

  3. TheDaddy says:

    Knowing the way that Sony works it could well be EU only.

  4. DaveDogg says:

    lets hope its neither a demo for a select few or stuck on just one side of the water


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