The Veteran Gamers Episode 4 - Mass Effect 2 Is Finally Here….

Posted by on Friday, 5th February, 2010

Well this week Chinny and Duke talk about a game that has had very little publicity, they have also played Dragon Age and the original Mass Effect, and The Daddy has been playing Mass Effect 2.

This weeks indie pick is You Will Die, and the quiz is back.

We also give our opinions on the iPad.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Markanix says:

    Another great podcast chaps. Loved the quiz revenge set up Duke, you really got Stu there :o)

  2. Richard (Skulduggerer) says:

    Almost forgot…

    Shame on you for glitching Mr Chin. But seeing as you did such a good job of ripping apart that PS3 fanboy, i’ll forgive you

  3. skulduggerer says:

    – Care package glitch – Tell tale signs if your on the opposing side you hear the ‘enemy care package’ call, but subsequent packages won’t have this call.
    If your on Hardcore two solutions when you become aware of it if your on the team doing it, Team Kill them (its funny how they all seem to be mardy school kids).
    If your not on the team, do what our man Stoney did. Drop out ‘Join session in progress’ then team kill them.
    Follow both scenarios with outting them in the lobby and filing complaints.

    -ME2 Loving it
    -Bioshock Dtill looking forward to it
    -Donkey Kong Song – Our Mario Kart loving son was shocking out to this, Big Time.

    Great Show Fellas, Eases me into Saturday nicely!


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