The Veteran Gamers Episode 5 - Chocolate Rain…..

Posted by on Friday, 12th February, 2010

Welcome to show 5.

This week The Daddy gets a bit too excited playing a Demo, Chinny likes this weeks indie pick and Duke tells us what he thinks of Aliens Vs Predator.

We also run through 6 reasons why video games will kill you, Quanrian gives us his indie picks, and as always we finish off with the quiz.

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  1. Markanix says:

    Finally got round to listening to this Mon night. Great show as always guys. Your gonna hate me for this Stu but I have to agree with Steves email, the Heavy Rain demo did not convince me that I need to buy this. Yes the graphics are awesome, yes the sound is great and yes the story will be compelling but I just feel like it will be like playing an interactive movie. I am going to rent it though 🙂

  2. Bottom over Young ones every time!

  3. skulduggerer says:

    Silver Membership = No Squad matches or Forza racing! I’ve given up illegal substances and ciggies in the past, but not gold membership,NEVER.

  4. TheDaddy says:

    You could be wrong…….but you’re not rofl

  5. Markanix says:

    Without even listening to the podcast I can guess with conviction what the demo is The Daddy is raving about 😉


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