5 Reasons Why The Xbox 360 Sucks And The PS3 Is Better, So There! Noob…..

Posted by on Wednesday, 17th February, 2010

That made you stop and look didn’t it!!

Well don’t get worried, I’m not really going to list 5 reasons, but it illustrates the article I am going to write.

It’s now five years since the Xbox 360 launched and four years since the PS3 hit the store shelves, but still the Fanboy war rages on.

You’d think after all this time that they would have given up, but every day I still see articles comparing the screen-shots of the same game on different systems, just to get hits on a website.

But the biggest issue I have is not with these articles, but with the ones that pretend not to be Fanboys but really are.

I came across one such article today entitled MY FIRST WEEK WITH AN XBOX 360 AS A PS3 OWNER.

Now in itself I have no issues with someone comparing one console with another, but I expect a balanced opinion, unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case here is an excert.

However, it’s not all fine and dandy for the Xbox- the one thing that annoyed me most is all the extras you have to buy- LIVE, batteries (or the Microsoft’s Plug & Play), wireless adapter (that is expensive, coming in at £30 or more; alternatively you could just but an Ethernet cable) and for me, I’m going to have to get an overpriced HDD and a headset too. Darn.

Now the issue with the above is that this guy obviously bought an Arcade version, which doesn’t include an HDD, and if you are going to make a comparison, at least compare apples with apples and not apples with oranges.

As a result he got plenty of Fanboy comments, here are some of the more interesting ones.

Actually on PS3 you can view your trophies in game so you dont know what your talking about… YOU EPIC FAIL!!

The reply was.

I have both systems and I think they are both great.

@360GARBAGE Yeah, you can view your trophies after waiting 20 min for it to sync.

If that’s the only fault you have with the article, then it cant be an “EPIC FAIL” Go cry to your momma.


fanboy faggotry at its finest

To which was said.

Fanboy faggotry indeed.

Too bad real gamers don’t actually bother ever picking up a 360 since every game is just a crappy PC game.

PC gaming is Master Race.

PS3 is good though, since it has lots of exclusives you can’t get on PC.

There isn’t a single 360 exclusive that makes the console worth picking up. Some stupid interface and a crappy version of face will never be able to compete with a PC.

I play Starcraft, Age Of empires, Counter Strike, Quake Live, Crysis, Dwarf Fortress, Unreal Tournament 3, and thousands of games on my PC and you’re telling me a console with inferior controls, interface and practically no games is where “hardcore” gamers play?

Honestly there are better games on the Wii, PSP, and PS3. Like Monster Hunter, MAG, Demon’s Souls, Metroid and Uncharted 2.

Although you got a mainstream, laggy, unbalanced, glitchy, games like Halo, Gears Of war and COD MW2? DERP A HERP

Well do you know what, I have had enough of all the Fanboy idiots, for gods sake just be happy with whatever console you purchased and just play the games.

I don’t care if there are more blades of grass on your version, I don’t give a rats ass if the PS3 has Blu ray and the 360 doesn’t, or whether your console brings you a cup of tea in the morning.

Just turn on the console and enjoy what you’ve got (even if it is a Wii).

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  1. Steve says:

    Xbox is poor quality and buggy updates. Regret buying this p.o.s.

  2. Chris says:

    The way I see it is the ps3 has less problems and better games than the 360. And with the graphics, how fuckn cares, they both look the same. And I personally Know from experience that the frame rate on the 360 is worse that ps3’s frame rate. Then the controllers on 360 suck, with the batteries and how it breaks so easily. Ps3 controllers Are cheap too but less cheap than 360 controllers. Also when u start up the ps3, everything is so clear, not so confusing like 360, and the ps3 system looks better than the 360 system. I dont think i have to explain why ps4 is better that xbox one because it’s clear that xbox one did not win

  3. Verbalrob says:

    Why would anybody comment on an article they clearly haven’t read? This page is causing a rapid decrease in my faith in humanity.

  4. Minami Sumi says:

    I was fully intending to purchase the new Xbox One, but you called me a noob so therefore I won’t buy one and I will buy a PS4 instead. Wow, you won the console war and totally convinced me to not be a fanboy and get a PS4 instead because of your insult. Yay, I will get a PS4 and not be a noob, yay.

  5. Jason Go@#e! says:

    5 Reasons Why the Xbone sucks and the PS4 is better! Suck it Stu.

  6. Da deucebag says:

    Opening a shelf a metre away from da xbox 360  while it’s playing a disc scratches da disc in a circle. Youd hafta be so careful with it while use… Ironically its played by americans…People buy it cause it’s cheap, And yet they continue defending it. How’d I know?
    I own a crap box 360 too, and I have more broken discs than working ones.
    I asked ten of my friends and 6 of them had disc related issues, like cracking at the centre, or horrendous circle rings. The remaining 3 had experienced some sort of hardware issue… Only one said he never met up with any problems, which was interesting cuz he only uses it to go on the Internet… Hahaha trollz. But you catch my drift. 
    To add to how the xbox sux. Sure the xbox has decent graphics, but I don’t get why people say it has good games… All I have ever played on it are FPS’s and ACs, it’s always da same concept… Running around with a gun ( or ‘gasp’ sword,) and killing people, or zombozes, besides how many games is the average geek gonne play on da xbox? Probably 4? You catch my drift.
    PS3 is way better. Sony actually takes tha time to fix all their hardware issues. Plus the PS3 has slightly better graphics. (Cuz graphic enthusiasts are into that slight shit) I bet Even a Pitiful wii u could perform better, ( if people give it a chance that is)

  7. Johan says:

    I bought a Xbox i saved up for some time and i were exited but when i got it, it was a let down

  8. N/A says:

    Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have their ups and downs. Enjoy whatever console you currently own, (yes, even if it’s 360) and quit fanboy arguing, you fucking nerds! You do know that there is a real world outside, right? You do know that there is in fact such a thing as sunlight? I don’t even want to begin the subject on male/female interaction. That’s a little too advanced for you guys. Jeezus.

  9. stik says:

    Wait, there’s a console that will bring me a cup of tea?

  10. Jeff says:

    It’s a matter of opinion on which system you like better, but for straight up facts…..the PS3 is a better system. Not to mention….has Uncharted. Case closed.

  11. Scott. J says:


  12. Bloodwolf9 says:

    ^^^ *Superior

    Also, all systems are great. I have a Playstation 3, only because I don’t feel like spending 40 bucks a year just to unlock the full potential of my games, which I already paid for. If it wasn’t for that then it wouldn’t matter which system I got. I probably would’ve even flipped a coin to decide.

    So shut up, calm down, and play whatever system you spent around 1, 2, or even 3 hundred dollars for.

  13. Mr.X says:

    in my all supirioor opinion a console is only as good as its games, and they all have good games. wii has mario, ps3 has littlebigplanet, and xbox has forza

  14. You Mother says:

    Xbox and ps3 are too mainstream, I play atari

  15. Jeroen Mathon says:

    I have an xbox here and i must say that it really sucks that i have ot pay to be able to go online,

    Sony has also way more expirience in Media and Film production.
    I had an copyrigth claim on you tube form Sony Music Japan.

    The reason i choise playstation is for the fact that you don’t have to pay to play.

    If any fanboys argue with me i will ignore there comments or reactions.

    And post that on the internet.

    Please act mature and start thinking about the fact that you don’t have to pay to play online on Sony.

  16. lehahiah says:

    I’ve got a PS3 and a wii although i never play the wii I no skyrim was rather glitchy on thhe wii the problem here do that that they try fitting everything onto one disc even if it doesn’t fit all that well personally for a game that larfe they could of at least done two disk, but i also have it for my pc so it doesn’t matter but rememember Xbox wouldn’t even more glitchy trying this

    probably the only i’d really want an Xbox for is lost odyssey, which i’ve never really understood why there are these exclusive jrpgs on the 360 when the majority of the fanbase tends to be more towards fps



  18. GamerGirl11 says:

    Ok, I love games. Therefore, I love all game stations, but some (you must admit) are just not as good as another. Lets start with the Xbox:360…

    1. Great games like: Halo, The Elder Scrolls, Fable, Gears Of War, Minecraft 360 Edition, and more.

    2. It constantly makes a very loud humming sound that just plain bugs me.

    3. The Red Ring of course, wich is a virus-type thing that prevents the Xbox from working. (It happens very commonly…)

    4. It emits heat, lets just say that it gets REALLY hot.

    5. The Indie games community is pretty cool…

    6. The controllers are somewhat simple but a bit large.

    7. You have to pay for online gaming and browser, Its really pricey…

    8. Can sometimes ruin/scratch up your games.

    So overall, the Xbox is really glitchy and just too expensive for what your’re getting. Mine has ruined 3 of my 60$ games… Grrr… Also, has this happened to anyone? My Xbox keeps ejecting the disk tray over and over again!

    Ok, the PS3…

    1. Does not have lots of good Xbox games, but has great racing games and gun games.

    2. Has the better versions of Black Ops, MWF, and COD.

    3. Real great controllers, but they run out of charge faster.

    4. Has awesome DVD and Blu-Ray player.

    5. Best Avatar (In my opinion.)

    6. Everything is mostly free, like online gaming.

    7. Multiple uses instead of gaming like movies, Netflix, browser, Amazon, and more.

    I think PS3 is really straight forword. 5 stars up…

    The Wii is a cute little device that has great games (Not shooters) that are less expensive. It is small and simple, but I love the channel format and PhotoChannel.
    Best Netflix and best Browser. For girls? Sure, but they bought this system because they’re the smart ones…

    The GamerGirl11,
    Sent from her Wii… ;p

  19. Quanrian says:

    Stuart, I’d say something bad about my 360 but it would get back at me in its blog…

    There are features both consoles could benefit from borrowing, like syncing on the 360 would actually be nice so I do not have to worry if my achievements are (fake). I cannot speak on the PS3 since last time I tried one it got hacked and I was unable to do much else but mess with Home a bit and play not enough of Little Big Planet, which I actually enjoyed both.

  20. Jaymeister says:

    Yes, I am one of those annoying guys that has a PS3 and an Xbox 360(two actually) and all joking aside I found that I loved the Xbox in the early years but then there ended up the situation that most 3rd party games were comparable on both platforms and 1st party titles in both instances were never enough to sway me one way or another. So what makes me prefer my PS3 to the Xbox now? Simple, I find it a more adult experience on the Sony Monolith with less trash talk (admittedly when voice comms work), some decent peeps on PS Home and PS+ is the proverbial icing on the cake with on average 8 new games a month and exclusive content and discounts for about £4 a month. You do the math 🙂

  21. I like Xbox and PS3 says:

    I like the 360 more, but if you have a PS3, I won’t critisize you. Both consoles are great, but each of them have features that different people require for their house. Such as I need WI-FI and Xbox S model offers it, so I need that. My friend doesen’t want to be going through tons of batteries, so he needs a PS3. Xbox is for the hardcore gamer, PS3 is for the player who doesent care about online play. Wii is for pussies, PS3 and Xbox are for real gamers.

  22. stepjay says:

    cod is a massive franchise. if they dont tap into that market share they are stupid.
    blops is my fav cod. the rest i couldnt get on with. im more of a halo guy. im color blind so camo is a nightmare for me.

  23. MicrosoftIsRacist says:

    Seriously, COD Sucks. PSV Without COD Would be great, COD Is just a Run n’ gun ”game”. And Your PSV Crashes/freezes or fails because you don’t update it! LittleBigPlanet 2 Is my favourite game, and I enjoy it ALOT More than my ”friend’s” COD Black ops. Since I hate violentic games. -Wrote using a PSV.

  24. Be Love Yo says:

    I agree with stepjay in the sense that without cod (which is better on the 360 than ps3) ps3 would be alot cheaper then it is now. I also agree with TheDaddy…you did write this a long time ago!

  25. stepjay says:

    mmm. when this article was 1st written i would have said the ps3 was on the up and that the 360 was starting to show its age. how things have changed in 2 years. sony has had a terrible time what with the ylod,the network blackout for a month,the move controller failing,3d failing to win over customers and finally the psv poor sales.if they don’t have a cod game on the psv by the end of the year its finished.



  27. XCOX 360*F says:

    XBOX is nothing more than a loud, glorified cup-holder. I’d say it would make a good paperweight but it would probably set the papers on fire.
    Which is better, free or not free? simple…
    Which is better, loud whirring or silence? simple again…

    If you own all three platforms and can say with all honesty that the 360 is the best then good for you. I completely disagree with you, but I respect your ability to overlook its obvious downfalls and love it anyway. I had a 360 for 2 weeks and sold it. I had a Wii for 3 days and gave it away. Is it weird that they all end in an E sound? yes it is.

  28. nathan xiong says:

    yeah the ps3 better than the stupid xbox 360 because the highest quality for xbox is 720 and ps3 is 1080 plus mostly every thing is free so there.the avatars, xbox you just by cloths and thats it but the ps3 you can move them in the PS HOME and by cloth,play minigames win prizes. this is only a few things ps3 has to offer

  29. doo3502 says:

    ps3 is way better because it has just about everything free

  30. MetalgearMario says:

    the wii sucks? your joking right? it sucks when it outsold 360 and ps3? how does it suck? other than the internet controls FUCKING ANNOYING? is it cus the games are nintendo stuff? well all i have to say is its a matter of opions and i’m sticking with my old pal nintendo so fuck this article its bullshit.

  31. Chrismjw says:

    Back wen 360 waz beter than PS3! lmfao lolzz!

  32. TheDaddy says:

    Wow, I wrote this a long time ago!

  33. major_chavez says:

    Maybe fanboys should spend less time arguing and more time learning to spell… just saying.

  34. stepjay says:

    hahaha.. mmm… Am I the only person to get the irony of this article? IGN and Machinima are the masters at fanning the flames of fanboy arguments. All in the name of getting traffic for their sites. I think its wonderful that these blossoming young individuals are taking there 1st timid steps towards adulthood buy swearing their allegiance to something of such vital importance!
    Every body knows that the ZX spectrum is SOO much better than the commodore 64! FACT!

  35. Nate says:

    i’m so sick of all these fucking fanboys ranting about how their console is better. honestly, i have a psp, ps2 and a ps3 and i don’t give a shit if someone tells me playstation sucks, and neither do i go around saying xbox sucks. so why don’t you climb down off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and GET OVER IT

  36. Richard (Skulduggerer) says:

    Look what you started Daddy! I’m getting my ZX81 out the loft.
    Non of them consoles have got a 16k RAM pack.

  37. Quanrian says:

    I demand some form of spellchecking be added to comment posting! Not for any particular reason or any particular person… but it would be nice… Come on Duke, you know you want to because the English teacher in you demands it!


    Interesting article Blast, even if it did attract fanboyism. I’d just agree with Chinny at this point, since he makes the most logical statement. The biggest problem with fanboyism isn’t so much the debate as how unsubstantiated almost everything stated as facts turn out to be. The people I trust the most are always going to be the ones that own both consoles but do not lower themselves to blatantly insulting either console or console owner when discussing the hardware/software aspects. Happy gaming to you all, regardless of which console you get happy pants for!

  38. alex c says:

    little known playstation facts

    1. you do have an avatar, and it can walk round HOME which is an interavtive world.. with free mini games,.. your xbox avatar is just there to look good, and it fails at that even.

    2. sixaxis motion controll, in eevry controller…..yes its true ….only some games support it, but it makes a idference for braking in racing games, pull the controller upward to brake ect…..it can be switched on and off

    3. blutootch headsets…..anyheadset will do, even a ten dollar one works just fine. sonys one does look nice though..

    4. controller has a battery designed to last 5 years…..by that time youl want a new one anyway as yours will be dusty and syicky and gueey and ewwwww…you know what i mean

    5. this point should really be sony has 14 first party studios pumping out blockbusters and xbox only has 4 …maybe 5

    6. this should be point 5, but i couldnt help myself adding another……. ps3 has bbc iplayer, for free. obv, web browser, for free, obv, free demos every week, obviously, and the last point…..media streaming and playing…..put those dodgey bittorrented films youve got on to a usb stick, plug and play……if it doesnt recognise the format…there a program for that….
    free emdia streamer…built into ps3…..upscaling dvd player.
    even does its best at upscaling those dodgey movies……

    peace out yall..ive mised a few im sure, but covered the basics for prospectie ps3 buyers, or xbox owners wanting to jump from the sinking ship that is ‘your toaster’ ‘your love’ your 40 buck a year addiction (live) ‘ ‘your sacrifice’ to sony………

    just hurry up and get one…..

  39. Jorden M says:

    Wow, the trolling never ceases to amaze me. Articles like this are just ignorant

  40. DaveDogg says:

    PS Triple pah stuff and nonsense lol long live the MS triple sixty baby yeah. oh bugger just remembered i have a dust station as well

  41. skulduggerer says:

    Yeh Chinnys subject of fun Chad Warden is the funniest i’ve heard.

    ‘The PS Triple, Baby!’

    Phut! Phut! Phu Phu Phui!!!!!

  42. R1CK5TER says:

    I love fanboys, I mean how much fun do you get from listening to bollocks being spoken from someone who probably hasn’t given the other system a real chance. I have both a 360 and a PS3 and each has its’ faults and each has its’ strengths some games are actually better one one system than the other, but if you love gaming the sit back and enjoy your gaming.

  43. Richard (Skulduggerer) says:

    I read the articles, on sites like IGN, but never bother reading the comments. I reserve that for fine sites such as yourselves and o35s. Do i win a kiss ass prize?

  44. DukeSkath says:

    I think the best advice here is: Don’t feed the trolls. Like, by giving them any attention. If you even acknowledge their existence, they win. They won’t go away if we ignore them, but if we don’t ignore them, they only get stronger.


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