Will Console Games Ever Look As Good As Top End PC’s?

Posted by on Monday, 5th April, 2010

Will console games ever look as good as top end PC’s?

With the release this Half Life 2 Mod created on the CryEngine 2. Which show’s off Dynamic Shadows and lighting, I found myself asking the question, will the games on my PS3 or 360 ever look this good?

The reason I bought my 360, was because I finally felt that consoles had nearly caught up with the top PC’s in the looks department, now I’m not so sure, you all know that I believe that good graphics, aren’t everything, but done in the right way they can help create an immersive  atmosphere to lose yourself in.

Metro 2033 was a good case in point, as the lighting and shadows helped to create a really oppressive feel to the game, but due to the limitations of the system other area’s seemed to suffer as a result, as some of the other textures were adequate at best. In the footage above you can see how realistic the shadows in this Mod are, and would help to create a realistic environment.

Below is a screen-shot from the PC version of Crysis, is this generation of console ever going to have a game that looks like that?really?

What I want to know is this, are we as console gamers happy to accept compromise, or is it time for the next console to be built?

Last year Uncharted 2 was applauded as a graphical triumph, this year GOW 3, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain, have been given that accolade, and the upcoming Alan Wake is being touted as looking amazing, but I’m just not convinced, I mean lets be honest here, console developers are doing well within the limits of the hardware, but how can software advance when the hardware is 4-5 years old?, as games become more sophisticated, so does the power needed to run them.

I don’t know, maybe I’m expecting too much, and maybe it doesn’t matter, but for some reason every time I put the next biggest game since sliced bread into the slot, at the back of my mind, I am always a little disappointed, because it never quite lives up to expectation.

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  1. TheDaddy says:

    Well spotted, I have changed it for an authentic pic from Crysis (which incidentally was released in 2007) anyway that’s Google image for you lol.

  2. peterg73 says:

    @Oliver – that’s hilarious! Good spot. I may buy some glasses with a small Crysis 2 HUD in the bottom left. I can walk round whispering things like “Jesus, look at the frame rate!” & “Tri-liniar filtering kicks ass!” to myself.

  3. bedhairdo says:

    thats where the internet troll was hiding!

  4. R1CK5TER says:

    The best of PC gaming is always going to beat consoles as consoles are for pussies who want second best but consistancy in gamee play

  5. bedhairdo says:

    the last PC game i played was Starcraft 2 and other than the video scenes i was not blown away by the graphics.

    personally i feel games look and feel better on a console, other than impressive lighting on PC games, in this video example i did not think all of the animation was that great compared to some fantastic console games i have played.

    I suppose there are pro’s and cons to both formats, I do agree i feel it is time for a next gen console to be released but i think we are going to have to wait a a while.

  6. Oliver says:

    Just so you guys know, the screenshot here is a fake. It’s a photo of a forest in California with Crysis HUD imposed on it.


  7. Xun says:

    consoles no longer need to come out as fast as they used to , its not all about grafics. think of consoles of the past and there limitations, grafics yes was one of them , but the biggest limitations was internet play , voice chat , loading from disc. the xbox 360 and playstation 3 can do as far as gamers are conserned everything you need to enjoy a game , even controlers are so good now that you can enjoy that first person shooter properly with the analog sticks. Pc’s used to be far more ahead than just grafics for these resons.

    I’m afrade with the tech to upgrade the firmware , it suits microsoft and sony to stick with there current hardware , as createing a new console is very exspensive and grafics alone is not going to be what tempts a large audiance to part with £300-400.

    consumers need a better reson than better grafics to part with there cash.

  8. Quanrian says:

    The simple answer is no because the highest resolution supported in console gaming is roughly half of what a high-end PC can accomplish. CPM made a good point of how having something work is a lot more important than the aesthetics of a game. I did PC gaming for years and it is no less frustrating today than it was then, with some games not working out of the box and requiring a patch just to function in the most basic fashion. What I hope to see is better designed engines, like the new Crysis Engine, which takes consoles into account rather than as an exception.

  9. Skulduggerer (Rich) says:

    I can live with it. I would also find it hard to justify the launch price of the next gen console. Previouly I would wait it out for the price to drop, but now I have 90 odd online friends that I would be guaging the reaction of.
    Therefore I have always been happy to sit behind whatever a PC is capable of.

  10. DukeSkath says:

    Yeah, especially when the “compromise” and “limitations” are all about minor aesthetic details!

    Sorry, Stu, I do NOT want to shell out another US$300 (UK£
    196) for a new console AGAIN. They better make this generation last another three year at least.

  11. cpmatthew says:

    I think for the first year after each new console comes out, the games “can” compete with PC in terms of graphics, but after that they are outdated. I know I prefer console gaming because I know if I get a game for that console, it will run. I am willing to have games that may not look as good for this convenience. Also, when you compare the price of a console with the price of a “high-end” PC, you have to except some limitations to save money.


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