Duke Meets Tom Bissell…

Posted by on Wednesday, 18th August, 2010

Tom Bissell, author of book Extra Lives joins Duke to talk about why games matter.

They talk all aspects of gaming, which includes writing, technology and even Kinect and Move.

Hope you enjoy it. Listen here:

Interview with Tom Bissell

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  1. Xiryug says:

    Just listened to this
    To be honest I was going to give it a miss as I thought it wasn’t going to be my “cup of tea” but it was pleasantly surprised. It was excellent from both an Interviewer / Interviewee persective.
    Thanks Duke.

  2. Surface_Lizard says:

    Great interview, Duke – you got some probing and fascinating questions in there. Bissell makes for a very articulate subject.

    I read Extra Lives a few weeks ago, and would have to say that it’s the one of the most important books of and about gaming since J. C. Herz’s Joystick Nation.

    Bissell has a poetic edge of prose, as well as the insight of mechanics and narrative, and some engaging personal threads (GTA4+coke = obsession!) to make it a powerful read.

  3. Quanrian says:

    This is a brilliant interview. It was unusual seeing someone defend Farcry 2 in such a comprehensive and meaningful way. I’d love to know what he’d think of Dreamfall – The Longest Journey because I was blown away with the narrative in that game and still need to play the original. It sort of reinforces why I want the old PC adventure games to be revived outside of these mindless Click & Find games.

  4. skulduggerer says:

    Clip on last weeks podcast was good. Sounded like you had a good raport with the fella.
    Look forward to listening


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