Enslaved Reviews Are In, So Is It Any Good?

Posted by on Thursday, 7th October, 2010

So Enslaved is released tomorrow, but is it going to be the amazing, jaw-dropping, blow your socks off story, that Ninja Theory would have us believe, or is it just going to be another run of the mill 3rd person action game?

Well it’s currently got 81 at Metacritic, some of the reviews are below.


Ninja Theory’s take on the “Journey to the West” story is one that I’d gladly revisit, and novelist Alex Garland deserves a ton of credit for helping produce this adaptation.
One of the very best experiences released on a console in a long, long time. The game’s eight- to ten-hour quest truly does feel like a journey, one that is compelling, exciting, and incredibly memorable.
This is a beacon, a fine reminder that if you have talented people and a little respect for your audience, great storytelling in games can be not only possible but profound.
As a trip through an interesting, beautiful world covering ground that hasn’t been effectively tread in games, with a strong narrative and engaging, believable characters, it provides something unique this Fall. If you can look past its flaws, Enslaved might surprise you as much as it did me.
Enslaved is a solid, well-built offering which is a pleasure to play. The excellent storytelling, great acting and fantastic pacing elevate it above the ranks of your average action adventure, and indeed your average videogame.
With the gameplay being such an unwanted distraction, the story is the only attraction. The plot delivers a cool science fiction twist in its final moments, but ultimately serves as a slave to mediocre gameplay for eight to nine hours.
Enslaved takes players 150 years into the future, in a world where both creation and destruction flourish. Its overwhelming beauty of nature entangled with machinery requires a moment to digest. Sadly, the game rarely allows for such sightseeing. Instead players are forcibly dragged through every scene of the game, which then comes to an abrupt close. Ultimately they are left with a very convincing movie, without the gameplay to back it up.

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  1. Surface Lizard says:

    Sadly, this is releasing on the same day as Lords of Shadow. I have played both demos, and Lords of Shadow is the superior title.

    I’ll be getting Enslaved when the shops, or ShopTo, run it for £20; I want to play it, but it’s not a full price purchase for me.

  2. Quanrian says:

    I wasn’t moved by the demo and was a bit shocked to hear such interest in what I did think was pretty mediocre. I loved what was going on but rarely what I was actually doing. The game just felt too scripted. I’m sure Chinny will give his impressions of the full game but I’ve already reserved Fable 3 and that is where my money went, sorry Ninja Theory.


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