New Bulletstorm Trailer…It’s Crazyyyyy!

Posted by on Monday, 15th November, 2010

This game was one of my favorite games at Eurogamer this year, and is set to be one of the craziest games coming out in 2011.

As you can tell from the above trailer, it was like People Can Fly was coming up with all this crazy dialogue and Epic didn’t notice.

Chad Warden would approve!

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  1. Quanrian says:

    Dont worry Surface, the new Postal is going to have sex star Ron Jeremy in it to replace everyone’s favorite TV star. Too bad I dont think it’ll ever get past the review boards because the Postal series is one the of highest banned series in existance. If we’re very lucky it’ll come to consoles with an M rating or UK equivalent in your case.

    This dialog is definitely more Metalhead than that fake gangsta rubbish that Chad Warden dishes out like Wiggas are going out of style. So I dont think Mr. Warden would approve but would likely have something nonsensical to say. You know a game is great though when the first few minutes include a lines like… “Strap that dildo on.”

  2. Surface Lizard says:

    Correct – NOT Running With Scissors.

    Why am I so stupid?

  3. Sentinal says:

    Looks like Duke Nukem crossed with Gears. I think I will wait for reviews before making a decision on this one.

  4. Bongo the Sane says:

    Nice game for Granny on a Sunday afternoon.

  5. TheDaddy says:

    No they didn’t make the Postal games, prior to this they made a game called Painkiller.

    I played this at Euro this year and it was crazy fun, so don’t worry.

    Here is a link to their website.

  6. woody says:

    there I was thinking this might be the one that ties me over untill borderworlds. But is it really by the guys that made Postal? My heart has just sunk.

  7. Surface_Lizard says:

    I should never admit this, but I really enjoyed Postal 2.

    This looks even better. Although without Gary Coleman…


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