Warning! Danger! BloodStone Sorta Sucks!

Posted by on Friday, 10th December, 2010

On our most recent podcast, I cheered for the latest James Bond game 007 BloodStone. I had only played half the game, but I’d found it fun and thrilling and exciting and fun.

Well, I’ve since played more (I’m nearly done), and I must admit that the game takes a sharp turn toward SUCKING after the halfway mark.

Suddenly you’re driving on some frozen river and a tiny slip of the wheel sends you hurtling into the frozen water. So you start from the checkpoint and then it happens again. And again. And again. And again.

Then you’re firing a really inaccurate gun at a helicopter that is shooting missiles at you. You need to shoot the missiles and the helicopter at the same time. Then you’re chasing a guy in a dump truck while you’re in a tow truck. No, I’m not making this up.

So it’s not a horrible game; if you like Quantum of Solace, you’ll probably like this. (Although I somehow forgot to mention on the show that BloodStone is 3rd person, whereas QoS was 1st.) But please be warned that some parts of the game are really stupid and annoying.

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  1. Chinny says:

    Thanks for replying Janus. Yeah Duke (who wrote this) was a massive fan of Quantum of Solace. It’s pretty much his favourite shooter.

  2. Janus says:

    What do you mean “sorta sucks”? It pretty much does suck, sure it’s a bit better than the other crappy Craig based Bond games but it’s still a disappointing Bond game all the same.

  3. Sjekbek says:

    I Think the gameplay and cutscenes are pretty nice.

    Still, if you can finish a game in about 5 – 6 hours total playing time like i did it’s not worth your 20 bucks.
    I bought this game 2 days ago and played 3 hours the first day and 2 1/2 hours today with a friend and it’s already done so i’m returning it to the store today.

    007 has let me down for the first time in gaming history 🙁

  4. StuLec52 says:

    I had a great time with this game.
    Took me 3 sessions of about 2-3 hours each to finish it.
    nice mixture of stuff, lots of fun.
    easy to get all the way through, and fun for most of it.

    I think I may have a slightly differnt take from most though, as to get it brand new I traded in 3 games for it, then took it back to the store within 1 week to get a full credit refund.
    So, it actually made me money, rather than costing anything.

  5. DukeSkath says:

    Also, with regard to the story — I forgot to mention that you are driving on the frozen lake in order to catch A TRAIN. Like, on tracks. I know it’s James Bond but COME ON.

  6. Quanrian says:

    Yes but did you have to kill a giant dragon monster while running ontop of a commercial airliner while giant monster eyeballs are smashing into you?

  7. DukeSkath says:

    @SL: You can send me cash if you really want to show your appreciation..

    @DD: Yeah, there are definitely some “Hey I want to play that cutscene” moments. Pretty disappointing all told, I guess.

  8. Dave Dogg says:

    i played this game on relase day for an hour and i thought the game was truly awful then. i thought the handling of the cars was somewhat like blur, the facial animation in the cutscenes was terrible, the lack of a crouch button in a game that required you to play in at least some part with some sembalence of stealth was an appaling omission, the mark and execute style focus moves were redundant, the press now to shoot mechanic in the chase sequences was lazy and removed any challenge from those parts of the game and finaly the cut from playing the game to canned animation at some points of the game where i would have wanted play those moments for instance the fight on the bad guys boat when you finaly reach his cabin was just plain stupid. in fact my basic thoughts were if i remember right after making this game bizzare deserve to get canned.

  9. Surface Lizard says:

    “Then you’re chasing a guy in a dump truck while you’re in a tow truck”

    Oh, James, how far you have fallen.

    Personally, I find lumpen-faced Daniel Craig rather disagreeable as Bond, so I’ll be avoiding this one. I was curious, but Duke has just saved me £20.



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