The Veteran Gamers Episode 67 - I Can’t Do This Anymore…

Posted by on Friday, 22nd April, 2011

Welcome to show 67.

This week we get up to all the usual shenanigans, Chinny’s been playing stuff, The Daddy’s been playing stuff and Duke,  Duke has just been playing…soundclips!

VlaDOS is back and she back to her grumpy self and gives us The Most Addicting Sheep Game to play, we also discuss Wii 2 rumours and decide if co-op has progressed as we would have imagined five years ago.

To round out the show, Surface Lizard tells us why PC gaming isn’t dead and we have some more Egg Timer Topics.


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  1. thejcmyster says:

    Omfg stu hoq could you have an ipod and have only just played angry birds. Its been the on and off topseller for ages theyve got youtube channels more angry birds games and even angry birds fluffy toys for gods sake. Possibly one of the biggest ipod games of the last three years and youve only just played it ? And you critisised chinny for playing games from a long time ago! Jeez!

    P.s i love using the word jeez!

  2. cudmoro says:

    Due to trying to bess less of a cnut I will hold my tongue now.

  3. Chrismjw says:

    I’ve had some great gaming experiences on phones and I definitely think they matter. I consider playing a football manager game a complete waste of time and would think reading a book a much more worthwhile use of it. I guess everyones different. I PC gamed for years but was sick of the upgrades and having to compromise on what games I played. It was always dissapointing to get a game home and find I had to run it with the settings right down for it to work properly. I understand people wanting to customize games and I think there’s always going to be space for PC gaming, but with limited gaming time, I just want to whack the game in, sit on the sofa and know it’s going to work (YLOD and PSN issues aside!).

  4. Cudmoro says:

    Bear, not berar, bugger!

  5. Cudmoro says:

    Nothing wrong with RTS, RPG (I heart Oblivion), and my favourite ever game is 1 you didn;t mention, but if you had I would have supported the hypothesis -the Football Manager series! Up until the most recent itteration I’ve had them all, one did mean having to upgrade PC, which is the biggest issue of course, not the games, but the amount of different specs on the PC’s themselves! Makes it hard for a noob to buy a decent priced PC for gaming, easier for them to buy PS3, Xbox or Wii (the last one being a joke of course).

    I am far too old for shooters, I enjoy them, but I suck like a 13 year old girl after half a bottle of white lightning. At present I am playing F1 2010, which is probablty ace on PC with 3 monitors and a proper set up too.

    PC gaming is much better than gaming on phones though, piddles me off that every podcast talks about Android and IOS games as though they matter and are not just throw away wastes of time for people who would be better off reading on the bus/tube/toilet.

    Plus I like to poke the berar.

  6. Surface_Lizard says:

    What’s wrong with strategy, RTS, RPGs, etc?

    Are you one of those OMG U SHOOT SHIT LOLZ HEDSHOTZ I SNIPERZ type gamers?

  7. Cudmoro says:

    PG gaming is not dead, but the people who play games on PC may as well be! Lots of strategy, RTS, MMO games for the PCs, games with any kind of action are better with a proper controller and a nice big screen.


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