VG Playdate: Bad Company 2

Posted by on Saturday, 30th April, 2011

Once again, by popular demand, this week’s playdate is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xbox. Grab your M60 and bring the tracer gun for the tanks. See you there!

When: Sunday 1 May 2011 at 6pm UTC (1pm EST)
Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (XBox 360)
Send FRs to: DukeSkath, ChinChinny, VeteranGamersUK

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  1. Barton Funk says:

    Bugger. I missed it. Was away the whole weekend anyhow, but damn it all!

  2. skulduggerer says:

    We bloody well pwnd arse last night. Woo Hoo, eat my tank shell!!!

  3. Jonmau5 says:

    ill be there…. when you neeeed a frieeeeeend :)prepare to eat my grenades!!! eaaaaaat them!

  4. thejcmyster says:

    Should be able to attend if i finish my homework 🙁

  5. woody says:

    how about bad company 2 on PS3. sorry that was a bad joke.


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