Video Game Moments That Make You Poop Your Pants

Posted by on Wednesday, 20th July, 2011

It’s a fact of life that people like to be scared, not sure why, but we do.

Be it ‘Head On A Stick’ in Wolf Creek, Freddy Krueger in Nightmare On Elmstreet or Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we all enjoy scary moments.

So I thought I would highlight some of my favorite scary moments from games, which might mean you need one of these.

Tomb Raider T-Rex Fight.

I remember playing this for the first time, and up until this point in the game the biggest animals to fight that you had come across were mountain lions, but boy oh boy, when I came into the clearing where the T-Rex resided and heard the booming steps coming my way and wondered what the hell it was I officially crapped myself.

Half Life 2 We Don’t Go To Ravenholm

Most people don’t associate Half Life 2 with scary, but Ravenholm is a scary place. As you enter the level you are treated to half a corpse hanging from a tree, and circular saw blades stuck into objects, you soon find out what they are for.

There wasn’t any crap your pants moments, but the tension slowly built as you made your way through the level, and the addition of head crabs that reduced your health to one point made you feel really vulnerable, the finale of the section made you wait for a lift to arrive whilst fighting a stream of Zombies, I wonder where Left 4 Dead got their ideas from?

Condemned Shopping Mall Mannequins

This has got to be one of the creepiest crap yourself moments in gaming history.

Up to this point in the level had been bad enough, as you had to decide what were mannequins and what were hobos who wanted nothing more than to knock your head off with a piece of 2 by 4.

What really ratcheted up the tension though, was that they did nothing, you expected them to, but they didn’t.

FEAR 2 Back To School

FEAR 2 had it’s share of brown pants moments, but the one that stands out for me was the school level.

From the flickering lights that kept cutting out, to the ceilings and walls coated in copious amounts of blood, it had a lot of the staple horror aficionados moments.

The part of the level that particularly stood out was moving through the corridors being attacked by ghosts that you couldn’t really shoot.

Dead Space – The Hunter

When this friendly little Necromorph makes his first appearance in Dead Space and bursts from it’s tank, you don’t realise that it is any different to the others, shoot it’s limbs off, job done.

Unlike other Necromorphs in the game though, it regenerates itself and therefore it becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse, with you running for your life.

Bioshock – Big Daddy

The great thing about Big Daddys was, that unless you bothered them they would just walk past you, but you knew they were around, due to the noise they made, which was reminiscent of an injured Whale.

The fun part came when you had to take one down to get the Adam you needed, attacking one was akin to poking a rather large bull with a pointy stick, the biggest shock though, was how fast they moved and when they hit you you knew about it.

Admittedly as the game went on it did get easier, but most people never forget the moment that they engage their first Big Daddy.

So those are my favorite scary moments, what are yours?

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  1. MetricPizza says:

    Alan Wake was pretty scary in places but most of the time the scare were advertised.

    The game that really scared me was Fear, It was a pretty standard shooter but that little girl coming at you gave me the creeps I think I quit after about the second level, never to play it again. I have not even looked at the next 2 games.
    I could not even finish the dead space demo, let alone dead space 2. Forget about condemed.

    Attack dogs always give me a scare also.

  2. Baussie says:

    Alan Wake – Every time that wind blows through I got shivers down my spine…I was playing late at night in the dark at that point. Tried to play it during the day without the headphones on, same issue.

    I have since given the game back to MetricPizza, maybe one day I will develop some balls of steel and have another shot. I’m not a horror fan…

  3. TheDaddy says:

    Forgot to mention this it was well scary!

  4. woody says:

    Nice one Stu.

    Zombie dogs from Resi 1 near the beginning.

    Similarly Zombies coming thought the shutters in Resi 2 near the beginning.

  5. Purple Eye says:

    That picture of pennywise the dancing clown, almost may me crap myself for a start.

    As for games, suface lizard already mentioned it, Project Zero (or fatal Frame for our American friends).
    I am a 27 year old man and i’m not ashamed to say that i have tried three times to play that game and i can’t get more than about 2 hours in because it’s too scary.
    I don’t know what it is, i love J-horror films, but that game is too much.

  6. stepjay says:

    gangucrimes. definitely the bezerker from gears 1.

  7. GanguCrimes says:

    The first time you see the Big Blind Alien in Gears of War that has to sniff you out… that was SCARY (i think)that alien was horrible what was it called? bezerker??? a little bit of poo came out.

    Cudmoro – Alan Wake is the scariest level of game i go to.. it’s not v scary you should give it a go!

    Thinking about batman I think the part that was kinda freaky eerie was the bit where you examine the body on the hospital bed and you cant escape the room think you have to figure out a puzzle cant remember exactly what you have to do but Batman had lots of eerie moments for a game that is not a ‘scary’.

  8. ender837 says:

    the first time i saw FEAR demo’d at gaming industry show. i walked up to it and played for about two minutes when i saw… her. my wife was watching too and we got totally freaked out. even when there were 500 other people around.

    7th Guest on Mac was especially creepy. Lots of turn and see the shadow moving kind of stuff. Plus since I was a teenager when it was out, and it was one of the early full color CD-ROM based games I was even more engrossed.

    More recently, Metro 2033 had some chilling moments, but it wasn’t all that bad. FEAR 3 is on my list now. Just a matter of time.

  9. Cudmoro says:

    I am a big wet girl so don;t play scary games, but the one poop my pants moment was during Arkham Asylum when you enter the morgue the first time, things start to go a bit freaky… I was playing it at about 11 at night in the dark. I had to finish the area to get it saved. Then I turned the lights on and experienced inner turmoil.

  10. GanguCrimes says:

    Brilliant Stu, good Blogging!

  11. surface_lizard says:

    Resident Evil:
    Silent corridor. Large window. Zombie dogs. Followed through.

    Doom 3:
    For the first 30 minutes, anyway. Then it all got predictable.

    Demons’ Souls:
    Any boss encounter where you know that a single mistake will cost you.

    Project Zero:
    I thought that I was a clever by running away from the phantoms, and simple leaving the room it was in. I caught my breath, and congratulated myself. And then the ghost followed me through the wall. It caught me utterly unawares.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent:
    Meeting the abomination for the first time, and being utterly powerless to do anything but flee; with it relentlessly pursuing you.

    Yes, it was a Spectrum game from 1984, but it had some garbled, sampled speech of Mr Punch laughing at you when you died. It was SO LAUD compared to the other game audio that, the first time I heard it, it scared the life out of me.


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