VG Playdate: Speed Halo on Sunday 28 August

Posted by on Saturday, 27th August, 2011

Despite the fact that I have no idea how it works (or even which platform it’s for), the VeteranGamers playdate this week will feature Speed Halo on Halo:Reach. Join us for some breakneck speed and all-out wackiness as we run over each other and turn ourselves into zombies (??). It’ll be fun. Trust me.

When: Sunday 28 August 2011 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST)
Game: Halo:Reach (Xbox 360)
Send FRs to: DukeSkath, ChinChinny, Big Daddy Blast, Veterangamersuk

It will apparently look something like this:

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  1. Thejcmyster says:

    Yeah most of them worked except the actual speed halo ones for sone reason!

  2. Hans says:

    TheJcmyster go to and setup an account there, you are able to access your file share and you can right click save the images. Thats what I did at least.

  3. Thejcmyster says:

    Screenshots are taken now, anyone know how to get them from halo to a form i can email into the show?

  4. Bongo the Sane says:

    Sorry. 6pm Sunday is always a bad time for me. Family things: dinner/kids bed times etc

    Is there any reason why we can’t push Sunday playdates back to 8/9/10pm?

    Surely the later time would be better for the Merkins and we might even pick up some Ozzies late on.

  5. Thejcmyster says:

    I thought you said on the forums it would be on the 4th of september duke? I dont mind anyway i’ll put down deus ex for a night! Also, i can be a sort of mini host as i have the map and gametype already downloaded! I will also have the rocket hog races ready if we want to play that gametype on halo reach aswell! See you there fellow veteran gamers!


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