Video Games of 2011

Posted by on Saturday, 31st December, 2011

This video gives us the chance to take a look at all the great games that have been released this year. Make sure you like the video on YouTube and comment too. If you’ve not already then subscribe to our YouTube channel and show your love.

We really want to get this video to as many developers and publishers as we can to show our thanks, so help us by tweeting it out, putting on your facebook and whatever you can.

Thanks to iPete from Theme Xbox for helping me capture some of the footage. And thanks to Red Bull for keeping me up at night. If you have any questions about how it was made or whatever, then comment on the YouTube channel and I may do a how I did this follow up video depending on if people care enough.


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  1. AxemanPhil says:

    That is one really slick piece of editing Chinny. I would be really keen to see a “making of”, particularly since I have started to dabble in video since going Mac last year so I think I have a little idea just how time-consuming that would have been to put together. Good work!

  2. Chrismjw says:

    Yeah Chinny its slick as mate. Youre getting good at this stuff. Will like it on youtube etc. and would definitely like a behind the scenes for it.

  3. stepjay says:

    excellent work. ill comment on youtube as soon as.

  4. DukeSkath says:

    Let’s see how Reddit feels.

  5. surface_lizard says:

    Pardon my language, but…


    Watched it through numerous times, and this is slick and perfect.

  6. Bongo the Sane says:

    Thats the mutt’s nuts.

    A hell of a lot of work.


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