Curiosity:What’s Inside The Cube Was Always Doomed To Failure!

Posted by on Sunday, 11th November, 2012

Bold statement you may say, but 100% accurate.

Since the first day that Curiosity launched, it has managed to accumulate 782,912 players, impressive you might say and it is, but it is also it’s undoing, as due to this high number of players and Peter Molyneux and his teams failure to provide enough server space (which caused huge connection issues) , plus the ongoing issues of coins disappearing and that crazy Facebook button that if you touch inadvertently deletes everything you have got added to the number of one star iTunes reviews, has meant that the number of daily players has dwindled to  4800 each removing 60 cublets  daily.

Ok time for some maths, Peter stated that there will be 60,000,000,000 cublets in total, the combined daily amount removed is currently 288,000, therefore at the current rate it will take 208,333 days to complete (stick with me) so that makes…570 years, so unless someone has figured out how to extend our lives, our future generations may find out what is inside the cube!!!

In addition if he did have 700,000 players removing 60 cublets each a day, it would still take just under 4 years!

Now we know, we as gamers are a fickle bunch and if a game doesn’t work day one, we will just move onto the next thing, I predict that the numbers will continue to dwindle, so unfortunately the only people who will ever know what is inside the Cube is Peter and his team, guess it will go to their graves with them and if they had really thought about it they would have realised it was flawed from the start, it’s simple mathematics!

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  1. -.- says:

    Look at the bottom of the Wikipedia page for this. It might not be 100% reliable but it’s still a better prediction.

  2. Sum guy says:

    Really? You’re off by a few factors of ten, there. Firstly, sixty cubes is nothing. I can do sixty cubes in under a minute of play. Secondly, the game’s traffic has picked up massively since they fixed up server problems. I’ve been seeing whole layers, containing hundreds of millions of cubes, disappear in just a few hours now. Keep up a constant pace, and we should be done by August.

  3. Justanother writer says:

    Only when I’m in the bathroom. I swear.

  4. TheDaddy says:

    Umm are you tapping Jason?

  5. Justanother writer says:

    So last night there was a “code” on I believe was the 18th layer, didn’t bother writing it down. Not that it matters anyway, just another way to keep Stu’s faith in a man filled with false hopes. Also, if I clear the last cubes on a layer shouldn’t something grand happen. Nah, Duke is right. Like anybody @%!!!!

  6. esselhaych says:

    Lol @ Duke 😀

  7. Justanother writer says:

    Nice link Duke. Why don’t you go play a real game of the year…The Walking Dead will finish its first season November 20-21. Clementine is the video game industry savior…as in now developers have to up their story writing skills, I think Molyneux should have stuck with a fable type game. Maybe he’ll go back to it, he’s good with chickens and farts.

  8. DukeSkath says:

    I have some thoughts on this game.

  9. Justanother writer says:

    Welcome back, joining. Error accessing server. Come on Maverick, let me give you some money for that diamond pick axe so I can beat everyone to the sweet spot, “the actual meaning of life”, screw Prometheus mankind is soon to have all their questions answered.
    22 cans of poo, you rock me back n forth.., 1 2 3 4….Take my breath away, Bon..Bom..Bom Bom..Bom..Bom Bom this is definitely The GOTY. Hope I don’t get to the last cube on April Fool’s Day.

  10. GanguCrimes says:

    good article stu i specifically like the math

  11. Bongo the Sane says:

    Been there, done that.

    I’ll join in again when it’s down to the last layer.

    Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

  12. TheDaddy says:

    Interestingly full stats have now been removed and only layers removed, current age and blocks remaining of the current layer are available.

    The last time I looked when full stats were available, there were 520 concurrent players, which is a huge issue for the game, there is a possibility that the stats were wrong, considering all the other issues, but I’m not convinced.

  13. esselhaych says:

    It amazes me that after hyping and hyping it, he’s surprised at how much interest there has been. Curiosity indeed, not so much about what’s inside the cube, more about what the hell he’s been going on about. Not anticipating numbers and putting in the appropriate server power has doomed this before any lack of interest ever did. I was a happy tapper and didn’t seem to have any connection problems, but the whole wipe out half your coin stock midway through a session has really dented my curiosity. If they fix it I may well go back, it’s relaxing in the same way I find digging out blocks for hours in Minecraft is, but I don’t expect many people will feel the same. Part of me wonders if Peter Molyneux ever did imagine anyone would get to the middle, bearing in mind how long it would actually take to clear it and the attention spam of the average mobile gamer. Was there ever anything there or is it all just smoke, mirrors and cube-shaped spin?

  14. Justanother writer says:

    Maverick didn’t crash and burn in Top Gun. Though initially everyone thought he did. He actually had sexy time with Charlie to the beat of take my breath away. Now I know Peter crys wolf a whole bunch but as soon as he repairs this “crash” he will make enough money off of this “experiment” to at least fund his next pile of poop. The world is full of people sitting on toilets banging away on a box and its a proven fact they will pay money to bang on that box a little harder than the next guy. Stu will be one of them, all the while humming the tune “take my breath away”. What a waste of time. Crash and burn indeed. By the way, I suck at math.

  15. TheDaddy says:

    It’s not my word, it’s Peters himself, he stated that there would be over 60,000,000,000 cubes within the overall cube he also stated this at the developers conference at Eurogamer, in addition my calculations are based on the currant statistics, it has dropped to 59 per day per user now and there are just over 5000 concurrent users, unfortunately it will keep going down, also do you think people will be playing it at the same rate in 3 and a half years?

  16. MASTERZULU says:

    C’Mon Stu stop being a hater. You can make numbers tell you anything.

    60,000,000,000 cubes (will take your word on that one)

    Currently according to the stats 284,639,533 cubes have been destroyed in 6 days,

    That’s 47,439,922 cubes per day,

    So at the current rate it would take 1,264 days to destroy all the cubes which is roughly 3.4 years.

    If they could get the network connection stable and get the experiment working they way it was designed to, we would see a huge drop in the time taken as I’m sure most people are staying away due to the issues.

  17. Thejcmyster says:

    Woooo!! I just played for 40+ mins while watching the rugby and did the last bit of clearing on one face (the one with the picture of the onions on) and now have 60,000 coins but the store isn’t working still 🙁

  18. Thejcmyster says:

    I kind of like it, it’s something to do while waiting for something to load but the connection issues are really putting me off! I’ve even built up a large amount of coins but the store makes the app crash whenever I try to open it!!

  19. Chrismjw says:

    Great piece Stu. I myself have tried it and it was broken so I deleted it. You’re right, we are fickle and after seeing what happened with draw something, they would have to introduce some serious incentives as the layers are removed to keep people playing.


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