What’s Wrong with Bioshock Infinite

Posted by on Saturday, 6th April, 2013

I don’t agree with everything in this video, but it’s well-made and contains some very good points (and lots of spoilers, obviously). Also the end is amusing.

via VideoGamer.com

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  1. cysmith17 says:

    “contemporary” covers of modern songs? Think the video guy needs to look up the meaning of contemporary.

  2. Johnny Bhoy 123 says:

    The worlds pickiest man! He has put far too much effort into finding fault with the game.

  3. Thejcmyster says:

    Well i agree with some of what he’s saying but a lot of the points he really over exaggerates. Its still a great game!

    Every game has a lot of issues, like skyrim, it has tons of bugs and glitches (although being worked on constantly) but it doesn’t lessen the fact that I’ve put a total of 350 hours into it on PC and 360 combined and enjoyed every minute. This is the case with bioshock, sure it has some issues but in the grand scheme of things they’re nothing!

  4. Bongo the Sane says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    I get some of his points but come on.

  5. Jason Gol@#!er! says:

    Look, compared to ALL other video games the hard work and actual love and care that went into this game is unmatched. Yes, I found many faults with this game but I won’t be pessimistic. I’m sure the Irrational team are well aware of things that could have been better. I will say this one negative thing that I didn’t understand. Why in the beginning of the game when Elizabeth is locked away, why is she so @#*!ing happy? Shouldn’t she be an incredible mess, locked away from the world all by herself with a crazy songbird watching over her and not even one video game to play? This game was incredible. If mentioning the faults I see in the game make the next game better tell me who to write to. I’m ready for my next play through. The game is one of the most mature games ever created and everyone should give it a go.

  6. Duffstuff123 says:

    I agree with many of his point particularly the gunplay being a little dull for a large portion of the game, however when it opened up it was absolutely superb. Vigours weren’t as engrained into the world as i had hoped as he mentions there are plenty of advertisements for them and even crates of the things lying around but they never seem to be part of the populus of columbias lives, perhaps making the Vox Populi use them to kickstart the revolution would have been a good way to a) make the vigours more thematically relevant and b) give you a reason to want to stop the Vox as much as Comstock, something which i felt was lacking.

    The half-baked theft system was just plain weird but i will let that slide as it was only a tiny portion of the game it was relevant for. I mentioned a more detailed list of gameplay gripes on the Heisenberg post.

    I though the Voxophones were by and large excellent so i have to disagree with him on that, adding a lot of depth to some of the more 2 dimensional characters, its true though that no one really stands up to Sander Cohen or Andrew Ryan in terms of fascinating persona.

    Daisy Fitzroy was a little simplistic i felt, despite an impressive introduction she was sidelined and thereafter relegated to slight mention on the radios and when it came to the point she turned on booker she wasn’t all that inspiring of a character just the leader of a band of out of control rebels (though i appreciate she at that time wasn’t the same daisy as was met earlier in the game)

    Handymen i’d agree with werent half as impressive an opponent as the Bid Daddy, neither were the general population in comparison to the splicers.

    I would have appreciated a more evolved story behing Songbird but maybe the point of it as with the handymen is that it doesn’t matter who they were only what they are now, they lost the part of their humanity that made them individual when they were fused into their mechanical suits.

    In terms of the world i felt it was more impressive earlier on when it was filled with the people even if the interaction was minimal, once the shooting started i didnt seem to let up so exploring the incredibly detailed world was not posible in the same fashion, they never found a way around the binary system of shooting/no weapons at all, as mentioned early demos has many optional combat scenarios something which was lacking in the final game.

    I have noticed there is DLC coming which begs the question where do they go from here? mini-adventures through tears or as i would like to see a more complete Minevera’s Den like campaign, maybe they will delve into Songbirds past in one of these DLC’s.


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