The Veteran Gamers Episode 199 – Preparing for the LIVE show

Posted by on Thursday, 7th November, 2013

Welcome to show 199

This week The Daddy is playing Uncharted Golden Abyss on the PS Vita. Also he is getting in bank heist mode in GTA V and GTA Online. With all the talk about remote play on the Vita, Stu decides to try it out for himself while playing God of War 2, listen in to hear how he gets along with it. Duke didn’t fill in what he played on the show notes so I can’t remember what he played but it was properly Skyrim. Chinny has played some more Dishonored and GTA Online. However it was only a matter of time before he went back to Halo Wars.

Chinny’s news and shit features the delayed South Park game, why Playstation 4 isn’t the future and someone put a computer chip in their own arm.

Make sure you listen in for the latest, well kind of recent video game news right here on the best video game podcast ever (except for all the other gaming podcast that are better than us).

We round out with emails and twitter stuff.


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  1. Nexus6|Deckard says:

    The perfect accompanyment to Duke’s $3 bundle



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