The Veteran Gamers Episode 214 - Egg Timer Topics Is Back!

Posted by on Thursday, 20th February, 2014

Welcome to show 214.

This week Duke has played Rust, Rust and more Rust oh and The Cat Lady, The Daddy played The Broken Age, The Plan and more Flappy Bird and Chinny played Papers Please, Beat Blast and Super Tap.

No Chinny’s news this week, but we did have lots of questions for Egg Timer Topics, yes it’s back!

We finished off with just shoutouts, as there was no time for emails.


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Chinny – 360 ChinChinny, PS3 Chinny1985

The Daddy – 360 Big Daddy Blast, Steam BigDaddyBlaster, PS3 xXBig-DaddyXx

Duke – 360 DukeSkath, PS3 DukeSkath, Steam DukeSkath

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  1. jason....of course says:

    Anyone that would eat snails, bambi would probably eat boogers as well. Get your finger out of your nose Stu!

  2. Verbalrob says:

    Stu may have heard me talking about the Swords & Sworcery, Ricky Gervais dance thing on the Bosswave podcast. It’s the bear character in the dream realm that does it at it’s not so much the dance that’s the same but the noise he makes.

    You can see it at 21:12 in on the following youtube vid

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the Super Tap! shout out guys. Much appreciated we need everyone to hear about it and get on leader boards. Some impressive scores up there already. Oh and all of you were in the credits 🙂

    For those who haven’t played it check it out. Just search Super Tap! on the Apple App Store it should be on of the first few results… if we haven’t been moved by crappy birds clones!!!!


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