Depression Quest

Posted by on Wednesday, 13th August, 2014

Do you like the potential of unusual games, but find most of them squander their potential? Do you want a bold experimental game that tries to do something worthwhile — and succeeds? Well then, you should play Depression Quest. (It’s free to play, and available on Steam, if you prefer.)

Depression Quest uses the game format takes on a difficult social issue. (Like Papo Y Yo, which I own but still haven’t played, alas.) I was startled by the quality writing and the innovative game technique: As you can see from the screenshot, the best options are crossed out and inaccessible. This creates a powerful representation of the boundaries depression can place on a person’s life.

I haven’t played many new games this year, but DQ is in the running for my GOTY. It’s got some grammatical hiccups (using “their” to refer to one person), but they’re only minor irritations. Check it out and make a donation when you’re done.

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