The Evolution of Skyrim

Posted by on Friday, 14th November, 2014

Thanks to David Tripney for linking us to an intriguing piece on Kotaku: Skyrim is a Very Different Game Than it Was 3 Years Ago. The author makes several interesting points about the enduring appeal of that magnificent game.

It’s no criticism that Skyrim eventually ran out of stuff to wow me with, but rediscovering the game on PC over eighteen months later was one of the most enlightening and engrossing experiences I’ve ever had with games. Adding mods makes retreading covered ground fun, interesting and exciting again. It’s the closest you can get to having your mind wiped so you can experience the wonder of discovery like you did when you first popped the disc in on launch day.

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  1. Just another writer Jason Gol!@#er Bluehellman says:

    Adding mods also adds game crashing bugs.


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