Skyrim Looks Good

Posted by on Saturday, 14th February, 2015

Earlier this morning I was fussing and fuming because it seemed like I was getting low FPS on Skyrim with high settings. Well, I did some tweaking, and it’s running pretty smooth now — and looking good, too!

To start with, the draw distances are much better. (I can actually see enemies in the distance now.)

I’ve also got a smoother experience now, since the processor is faster and the graphics card is more powerful. (Not as powerful as I had hoped, but whatever.)

We have some very nice reflections on the water.

Here’s a cool thing that I’ve never experienced before: When I shoot flames during a fight, we have scorched patches on the ground afterwards. A nifty little minor aesthetic detail.

Riverwood has never looked better.

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  1. MrMiyagi1984 says:

    Looking good Duke. Make sure you check out the Mod Interesting NPC’s. It’s a huge file but adds dozens of NPC’s with fantastic quests and really interesting dialogue. I was in a random dungeon and decided to free an NPC who then refused to flee. Turns out she liked being captured by foresworn! Fantastic! Enjoy the new rig.


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