Why Fallout 3 is the Best Deluxe Edition of All Time

Posted by on Sunday, 8th March, 2015

Most deluxe editions of video games offer silly add-ons. Sometimes you’ll get “making of” materials, or art books, but often you get in-game items — these can’t be too powerful, or the game becomes P2W, and they can’t be too weak, or they won’t be worth the price. Sometimes a deluxe edition will feature actual objects, toys, or collectibles.

Fallout 3 did it best.

Why? Because the best deluxe editions feature items that also appear in the game. COD Black Ops provided a remote-controlled car like the one in-game (C4 sold separately), and — although it’s not a special edition premium — I’m amused by the Minecraft diamond necklace.

Well, the Fallout 3 special edition came with not one but two items that appear in the game itself: The Vault-Tec Bobblehead and the Vault-Tec Lunchbox. The bobblehead is just decorative, but the lunchbox is sturdy and useful. (I carry mine to school every day; I like telling people I found it in an abandoned building in Washington DC, but I just love hearing students familiar with the Fallout games get excited about it.)

If more games did this sort of thing, I would be much more likely to buy special editions. Skyrim could provide a bottle like the ones used for healing potions. FarCry could include a wallet like the one crafted by the player. Maybe Rust could include a rock.

What are some other possibilities?

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  1. Lani ("Lonnie") says:

    Mass Effect 3’s collector’s edition came with an embroidered N7 patch and N7 dog tags. I have a jacket covered in patches, so this was probably the biggest (and silliest) reason I got the collector’ sedition, as it was perfect for me, although I do wish the dog tags had some of Shepard’s personal info rather than just N7 on one side and the game logo on the other.

    As for other possibilities, forgive me, not sure if perhaps some of these have been done already:

    -Assassins Creed – perhaps a wrist cuff designed to be reminiscent of the hidden blade cuff
    -Fallout New Vegas – a snowglobe, or perhaps miniature Dino toys or Rocket souvenirs
    -TellTale Games’ Walking Dead – Clementine’s hat, maybe with silk screened images that make creases that are reminiscent of the game’s art style
    -Any Call of Duty with zombies – the monkey!
    -LA Noir – phelp’s notebook


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