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Batman Arkham Knight Spoiler Cast


Chinny can’t stop thinking and talking about Batman Arkham Knight, so this is his opportunity to spoil the heck out of it. Chinny is joined by avid listener of the show Smizzle and Verbal Rob from The Boss Wave podcast.

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EGX Video

We went to EGX 2014. We also made a video. I don’t know what else to put here.

We did such a job job filming EGX we made two videos

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Eurogamer Throwback

Hey everyone,

We have been going to Eurogamer for five years now. Four of those five we filmed what happened. It occured to me that some people might not of seen the old Eurogamer videos.

The soon to be released 2014 Eurogamer video is on the way but in the mean time. Lets take a look at what happened last time.





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The Veteran Gamers Podcast – Eurogamer Special

This week the format goes out the window, why? Eurogamer, that’s why. Stu and Chinny join Bongo (G4TE), Chris and Rob (The Boss Wave) to talk about the games they have played (or not played) at Eurogamer.

Another episode will come out later this week with even more content. You lucky people you! Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions

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Let’s Play Rust with Jam


I recorded my second playthrough of Rust and brought along a friend. Jamie Cartwright aka Jamkablam and I were in the office and thought it would be fun to record a video. Above is the result, hope you enjoy.


Chinny’s first experience of Rust

Chinny takes another stab at PC gaming and the weird experience that is Rust. Watch Chinny get chased by bears and taken hostage.

Please bear (ha did you see what I did there) in mind that this is Chinny’s first experience so he has no idea what he is doing.

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Chinny Plays Papers Please PART 3

Watch my PART 3 playthrough of Papers Please and see how I get on.

Bare in mind that this was the last hour of a 2 hour playthrough so by this point I’m exhausted.

Please like and comment on the video. All feedback is welcome.