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The Evolution of Skyrim

Thanks to David Tripney for linking us to an intriguing piece on Kotaku: Skyrim is a Very Different Game Than it Was 3 Years Ago. The author makes several interesting points about the enduring appeal of that magnificent game.

It’s no criticism that Skyrim eventually ran out of stuff to wow me with, but rediscovering the game on PC over

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Why ‘The Last of Us’ is Good but Not Great

Naughty Dog’s 2013 action-horror adventure The Last of Us is a good zombie game. It’s not the greatest game of the generation, and it’s not the best game of the decade. I won’t squabble with those who called it Game of the Year, but I can’t give it that honor. It does some things very well, but the most important things (especially the ending) are merely decent at best.

Spoilers ahead. Obviously, you shouldn’t read this if you haven’t played the game.

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Anita Sarkeesian Forced Out of Her Home

You want to know why I’m so angry on this week’s podcast? It’s because of the wretched, pathetic, violent anger directed at women who challenge the male status quo in the world of video games.

Today Anita Sarkeesian shared this horrifying series of tweets (WARNING: Vile and graphic!) demonstrating how specific and atrocious the threats and harassment have gotten for her.

Earlier she explained that she had to leave

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Women as Background Decoration, Part II

Another excellent (and important) video from Feminist Frequency


The Simulator Scourge

A fun little vid about the relentless wave of simulator “games”. Guess which of Stu’s recent favorites makes an appearance?


Determination Overcomes The Agony

This week on the podcast I said (for the third or fourth time) that MOBAs just aren’t my thing. Given the fun I had on Awesomenauts, I wondered if maybe I could give DOTA2 another try. So I did, and the results were horrendous. I got so frustrated that I ragequit and uninstalled the game.

But then I felt a

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Eurogamer Editor-In-Chief: “I am sexist”

Thanks to Lord Jason for linking us to this interesting piece from Eurogamer editor-in-chief Tom Bramwell.

When I look around, I see the same things I’ve been doing and saying without thinking about them reflected back at me from every angle, and the fact casual sexism is so prevalent is an amazingly effective masking agent for the concept itself, especially among men.

The most disappointing thing the author mentions

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