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The Veteran Gamers Episode 222 – Veteran Gamers Reunited!

Welcome to show 222 and the three of us are back together this week.

As for games, Chinny got around to playing Saint’s Row IV, Duke continues to play Starbound and Skyrim instead of The Last of Us and also went to the Midwest Gaming Classic with Sean Anderson and gave his thoughts on Oculus Rift and The Daddy played

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 221 – Live From The M25!

Welcome to this weeks show.

This week it is Just Duke and The Daddy, but between them they have played Starbound, Edge of Space, Infamous Second Son, Goat Simulator, Terraria and Monument Valley.

The Daddy does the news this week but I’m not sure it is up to Chinny’s high standard that he sets every week. We also have a

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 220 – EGX Rezzed Special

Welcome to a special edition of the show, where Stu and Chinny go to Rezzed and meet up with members of the community and check out all the upcoming PC indie games and Alien Isolation.

We also went into Birmingham with Bongo, Chris, Josh and Susan for good curry.


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Welcome to a special edition of the show where Duke and Big Bad Daddy finally get their fix of talking everything Skyrim.

They talk spoilers, side quests, comparisons to other games and everything in-between for your listening pleasure and there is a lot of game to get through.


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Dialectic Engagement in The Last of Us

I finally finished The Last of Us, and — as with The Walking Dead Season One — I’m kicking myself for having waited so long. I can’t really say anything about the game that hasn’t been said already, but rest assured that I’m eagerly anticipating the spoilercast discussion that Stu and Chinny have been waiting to have. (Thanks for your patience, guys!)

There is one thing I noticed that needs a mention. If someone else has covered it, I apologize for the repetition. It centers on the social dynamic of dialectic in the richest Hegelian sense, bounded by gender and class elements but not limited to strict sociological factors.

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The Veteran Game Episode 219 – Welcome To The P**scast!

Welcome to show 219.

This week Duke played more Rust, Starbound and Minecraft, Chinny played not a lot and The Daddy played Home, The Impossible Line and Infamous Second Son.

Chinny brought us the news this week, which included the length of Watch Dogs campaign, Microsoft DX12, Assassin’s Creed Unity revealed and a one handed controller for PS4, also he

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Love, Hate, and End States

My love affair with Rust might be coming to an end.

I say “might”, because I’ve felt this way before, and then things have come along to rekindle the passion. But I’m feeling a little unfulfilled on that island lately. It’s the same sort of thing I felt after about a month in Minecraft, and I think I know why.

These games let you do pretty much anything, make anything you can imagine. So what happens when you can’t imagine anything else to make?

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