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Friendly AI

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Duke Plays DOTA2 with B1gBadDaddy

Rich is just getting into DOTA2, so I thought I’d show him some stuff. We discuss heroes, tactics, and how to have fun. Check it out.

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Survival ZombieCraft Z

Cool new game coming to Steam Early Access. Check it out!

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Ultimate Skyrim (halo The Room lolz)

This is the greatest thing ever created. Warning: A few bad words.

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Skyrim Looks Good

Earlier this morning I was fussing and fuming because it seemed like I was getting low FPS on Skyrim with high settings. Well, I did some tweaking, and it’s running pretty smooth now — and looking good, too!

To start with, the draw distances are much better. (I can actually see enemies in the distance now.)

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Oculus Rift IRL

Here’s the future, everyone. Thanks, Stu!

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Fallout vs Skyrim

This is the reason special effects were invented. So much awesome.

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Nintendo Controller Morph

Just a little something cool I found on Reddit.