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Duke Scores!

I got my second goal in Rocket League. (My first was just a mess.) I didn’t do very much here, but I nudged my comrade just right so he could tap it in.

I think I see the appeal of this game.

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Fallout Wood Burn

Duke got an awesome gift from a student this week.

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Duke’s Skyrim Cross-Stitch

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Other Places

Just discovered a cool YouTube channel that showcases various video game locales. Three faves:

1. Rapture (BioShock Infinite)

2. Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto V)

3. Rook Islands (Far Cry 3)

Bonus #1 for Chinny Bonus #2 for Duke Bonus #3 for Stu

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Rust + MIA = Awesome

A short bit of silliness.

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Duke Plays DOTA2 with B1gBadDaddy

Rich is just getting into DOTA2, so I thought I’d show him some stuff. We discuss heroes, tactics, and how to have fun. Check it out.

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Survival ZombieCraft Z

Cool new game coming to Steam Early Access. Check it out!