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The Simulator Scourge

A fun little vid about the relentless wave of simulator “games”. Guess which of Stu’s recent favorites makes an appearance?

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Duke’s Introduction to DOTA 2

I’m not an expert on DOTA 2, but I know how to teach (and most DOTA 2 experts do not). I wished I could have had something like this when I first started the game. Enjoy!

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What Is Love?

This may be the greatest music video ever created.

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DJ Jazzy Mario

DJ Jazzy Jeff took to the video game world with a funky live remix of the Super Mario Bros theme. Later someone named Jeremy Ellis dipped in too, but I think he’s mashing the buttons too much. Also ?uestlove from The Roots is on drums, which is always a bonus.

Thanks to Lord Jason for the link!

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CS:GO For It

I have never played the competitive mode of CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Those cats play for keeps, and you’ve got to commit to the full 30 rounds.

So when I teamed up with Epicscotsman today for a little team deathmatch, I was shocked to see he accidentally launched us into a competitive defuse game. We decided to give it a shot anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

We had a really

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New Review Channel

Our buddy Epicscotsman has thrown his hat into the video review ring with CleanGaming! Check out his Next Car Game review video. Safe for the kiddies too.

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Bad Rust Karma

You never know who you’re gonna murder when you’re sniping people at random from your Allistair-Tenpenny-style tower in the wasteland.