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Friendly AI

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Skyrim Looks Good

Earlier this morning I was fussing and fuming because it seemed like I was getting low FPS on Skyrim with high settings. Well, I did some tweaking, and it’s running pretty smooth now — and looking good, too!

To start with, the draw distances are much better. (I can actually see enemies in the distance now.)

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Oculus Rift IRL

Here’s the future, everyone. Thanks, Stu!

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Fallout vs Skyrim

This is the reason special effects were invented. So much awesome.

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Nintendo Controller Morph

Just a little something cool I found on Reddit.

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Duke Dominates DOTA 2

I had my best game ever of DOTA 2 recently; I went 20-3! I uploaded the replay with commentary. Check it out:

(Sorry about the technical hiccup in the middle. I’m not used to the replay controls yet.)

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Eurogamer Throwback

Hey everyone,

We have been going to Eurogamer for five years now. Four of those five we filmed what happened. It occured to me that some people might not of seen the old Eurogamer videos.

The soon to be released 2014 Eurogamer video is on the way but in the mean time. Lets take a look at what happened last time.





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The VG Museum is Now Open!

After many long hours of hard work, the VeteranGamers Minecraft museum is finally open for business! Here’s a photo of Tephlon and Rogue Outlaw at our Grand Opening.

Head over to our server and have a look. (The museum is in the East Village.) If you don’t play Minecraft on the PC, well then it sucks to be you!

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