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VGHub Minecraft Server

We finally have our own Minecraft server! You’ll need to get on the whitelist, so leave a message here or Tweet @DukeSkath or email and I’ll get you sorted.

Set your multiplayer coordinates to

We’re on survival, normal difficulty. (Creepers will explode, but not damage blocks.) Build with us!

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Boss Wave Borough: The Rollercoaster!

You’ve heard the rumors, now see it for yourself! Join me for a special tour of Boss Wave Borough, the village I’ve made in Minecraft with Verbalrob and some other friends — via rollercoaster!

Watch live video from VeteranGamers on

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VeteranGamers: The Mosaic

This Minecraft thing has really gotten out of hand. After I made the lake (see below) on today’s Twitch stream, I finally used all my black and white wool to make this awesome piece on the side of a mountain:

Look at that attention to detail! Look at the scale of that sucker.

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Build With Us

There’s been some talk about starting a VGHub Minecraft server for the PC. For now, though, some of us are making a home on an excellent spot called New Beginnings. They’re friendly and helpful, and if you register you can set a /home teleport spot. Just set your multiplayer to:

Watch your back, because it’s set to hard difficulty. (I died a lot when I first

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My Latest Minecraft Project

Recently I had a flash of inspiration for a new building in Minecraft. I was thinking about the Luce Memorial Chapel in Taiwan, designed by Chinese-American architect IM Pei:

I wanted to make something that replicated its sloping ceiling, but with a full wall of glass on one side. Here’s what I came up with:

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The Simulator Scourge

A fun little vid about the relentless wave of simulator “games”. Guess which of Stu’s recent favorites makes an appearance?

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Duke’s Introduction to DOTA 2

I’m not an expert on DOTA 2, but I know how to teach (and most DOTA 2 experts do not). I wished I could have had something like this when I first started the game. Enjoy!