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Friendly AI

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Extreme Rust

Those of you who haven’t played it: Here’s what you’re missing.


Dragonborn vs. Khaleesi

Check out this awesome video putting Skyrim into the Game of Thrones opening credits. (The Mother of Dragons would be horrified at the Nords’ cruelty toward cute lil’ Alduin.)

Thrones from Brady Wold on Vimeo.


Duke’s Creation

I finally made something in Minecraft worth showing off.

Not sure what you’re looking at? Read more for the answer.

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GLaDOS Explains Fusion for NASA

Thanks to JASAGOLLHUHHRHRRRRRR for this excellent video featuring GLaDOS working for NASA to explain how fusion works.


A Spiritual Cleansing in Skyrim

I achieved great things in this frozen land. I have risen from my humble beginnings as a lowly hunter in the wilderness (to say nothing of my status as a reviled Dunmer in this land of bigoted Nords) to become Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold, Thane of many lands, and Leader of the Thieves’ Guild.

I wear fine enchanted armor which eases my path. My weapons are severe instruments of death. I am aided by amulets and rings from across the land, pulsing with magical energy. And yet I am unwell.

These possessions are corrupting my soul. My attachment to them is toxic.

I must cleanse myself.

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I Am Street Fighter: The Documentary

A fascinating film about the Street Fighter franchise, featuring interviews with sound designers, character devs, collectors, and — most randomly of all — DJ QBert!

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Terror Comes to Skyrim

The true face of terror in Skyrim, thanks to a really scary mod:

You’ll never watch the opening cinematic the same way again.