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Friendly AI

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A Closer Look: GTAV Trailer

Chinny couldn’t be bothered to post this, so I will. It’s awesome.

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Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

This is going to be awesome. DANGER! Bad words!


Dawnguard Trailer

The trailer for the first Skyrim DLC is out. Ohhhhhhh baby oh baby ohhhhhh baby

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A Closer Look – Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

That’s right we take another look at Max Payne 3 but this time it is the multiplayer that get dissected. It looks like Rockstar had some tricks up their sleeve and this multiplayer may surprise some people.

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Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer

I am indeed ready to joy puke my face off.


Alan Wake: American Nightmares

So this is coming:

Certainly can’t argue about this point: “Darkness from beyond is flooding our world.” Yeah, if you mean crap games like this. Can’t wait until the big tractor boss fight scene!

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Dead Island Trailer Minecraft Stylee…

We had the controversial Dead Island trailer last week!

This week it has been recreated in Minecraft. For some reason it still resonates even in Pixel form and it is pretty good by block standards.