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Let’s Play Rust with Jam


I recorded my second playthrough of Rust and brought along a friend. Jamie Cartwright aka Jamkablam and I were in the office and thought it would be fun to record a video. Above is the result, hope you enjoy.


Chinny’s first experience of Rust

Chinny takes another stab at PC gaming and the weird experience that is Rust. Watch Chinny get chased by bears and taken hostage.

Please bear (ha did you see what I did there) in mind that this is Chinny’s first experience so he has no idea what he is doing.

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Chinny Plays Papers Please PART 3

Watch my PART 3 playthrough of Papers Please and see how I get on.

Bare in mind that this was the last hour of a 2 hour playthrough so by this point I’m exhausted.

Please like and comment on the video. All feedback is welcome.


Chinny Plays Papers Please PART 2

As we all know I hate weird games. However Papers Please appeals to me for some reason. Watch part 2 of my first ever playthrough.

Bare in mind that this was my first playthrough and I got very tired as I went on and I talked less and less and I went on. I think its very hard to play a game and talk to no one, but

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I suck at Papers Please

Yo all, that’s right I’m on the steam thing. As I’m a noob to PC games I thought I would show everyone how much of a noob I am.

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Chinny plays Octodad at Eurogamer 2013

Watch Chinny play Octodad on the PS4 at Eurogamer 2013. Not much else to say really.


An Introduction to Halo Wars

Want to see what Chinny keeps banging on about with Halo Wars well here you go