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NYT: Games You Can’t Win

A beautiful look at non-fun experience games like That Dragon, Cancer; Neverending Nightmares; and dys4ia. Why must these stories be told through video games? Have a look.

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The Making of Elite Dangerous

Careful, this video is dangerous.

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Tom Bissell on Writing Gears

Thanks to Seth at Boss Wave for linking us to this profile of Tom Bissell and his colleague Rob Auten. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of storytelling in games and especially the new Gears of War title.


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Our friends at VOiD games have released an app on the app store (sorry, android users) it’s called Guess the Game and it’s perfect for “Veteran Gamers” (see what I did there). So make sure you download the game, and mention it to all of your gamer friends.

So does gaming knowledge compare

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Project Eternity Lookin’ Good

Obsidian Entertainment (who did KOTOR II, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Fallout New Vegas) is creating a new RPG called Project Eternity via Kickstarter funding. (The KS is over, but you can still buy it for $25 — Windows, Mac, and Linux — on their website.)

I must say, it’s looking pretty sweet. (Click for full size.)


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I have some friends currently making some games that will come soon to your iDevice.

The developers are called Void Games, go to their website for the details of their (soon to be released) logo quiz game

They need some feedback on how they should distribute the game (and future releases), so please take some time out

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Global Marketing Gallery

Thanks to Redditor kism3 for linking us to a gallery showing how games are marketed around the world. My favorite is the Faces of War variations (above), but there are plenty of others to raise your eyebrows.

Check out the gallery here.