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Our friends at VOiD games have released an app on the app store (sorry, android users) it’s called Guess the Game and it’s perfect for “Veteran Gamers” (see what I did there). So make sure you download the game, and mention it to all of your gamer friends.

So does gaming knowledge compare

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New Portal 2 DLC: PSMove Only!

Take a look..

From the YouTube page:

On November 6, 2012, Sixense will launch Portal2 In Motion, a motion DLC campaign for Valve’s Portal2 on PlayStationMove. Portal 2 In Motion introduces gameplay mechanics, including scaling and rotation of objects as well as portal surfing. These new abilities are all required as the player progresses through an increasingly challenging set of test chambers that look familiar from Portal 2,

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Skyrim DLC Details at E3

Someone mentioned to me recently that we might get Skyrim DLC news at E3. Apparently that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


Journey Delivers!

Now it is fair to say that I have mentioned this game on the Podcast on more than one occasion, it is also true that I have been watching the progress of this since it was first announced. Duke and Chinny have given me grief regarding my almost fanatical obsession with this game, which culminated in me spending three hours inputting codes into my PC to try and get into the Beta.

Well the wait is almost over, the scores are in and it is a very healthy 92 at Metacritic.

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This is Just Wrong

Apparently in the Force Unleashed II DLC “Battle for Endor”, you can kill Chewbacca and Han Solo. Wrong, wrong, wrong!



New Bad Company 2 Maps (Sort Of)

If you’re one of the cool people wasting hours and hours on the Battlefield of Bad Company 2, you’ll be happy to know there are two new maps available! Actually, they’re old maps available in new game modes. Arica Harbor, which was previously available only in Rush and Squad Deathmatch, is now playable in Conquest mode. And Laguna Presa, previously a Conquest and SDM map, is now available for Rush.

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