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A Man Called Sandy Deals Out The Justice To MW2 Boosters….

As I’m sure you’re all aware we hate cheaters at The Veteran Gamers.

Well a guy called Sandy decided to deal justice to MW2 Boosters in his own way.

Hope you enjoy the video.


What The Hell Is Up With Parents These Days?

Has the world gone mad?

Recently my daughter came home from school to tell me she was being teased, because she didn’t have an R4 card for her DS,  the other children could not understand why not.

I then had to try and explain to an 8 year old why it was illegal, and that people who used them were breaking the law.

Why do parents seem to think it is fine to have 60 games on a card that they haven’t purchased, it seems incredible how acceptable it is to pirate games.

The above is bad enough but yesterday I witnessed something which was worse,  much worse.

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 3 – Where The Hell Is the Quiz……

Welcome to episode 3 of the Veteran Gamers Podcast.

This week we discuss Duke’s strange obsession with Project Natal and sex, Death By Cube, and we have some strong opinions about Pioneer, one of this weeks indie picks.

Unfortunately due to a technical issue there is no quiz, but Chinny and I filled in with a new feature.

Enjoy the show.

Click Here To Download The Show


Heavy Rain Demo Coming February 11th

Well if there is one game that needs a demo, I’d say it’s Heavy Rain. Come February 11th we will all find out for ourselves if this is going to push games where they’ve never gone before, or will it be just one long ‘Quick Time Event’. One thing is for sure, David Cage wouldn’t like it if

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Battlefield ’43 DLC Coming

Official XBox Magazine has reported that Dice is planning some “premium” DLC for the XBox Arcade smash hit Battlefield 1943:

[W]e need to take care of our products post-launch. We haven’t released any premium DLC for 1943, for instance, which feels like a natural step to take.

Hopefully it will last longer than that stupid airplane domination map.


Apple iPad Is Officially Announced

Today iPad was officially announced.

The iPad is 0.5 inches thin and weighs just 1.5 pounds has a 9.7″ screen with IPS display technology and full capacitive multi-touch.

iPad is powered by custom silicon a 1Ghz Apple A4 chip. iPad has 16 to 64 GB of built-in Flash memory. Features wi-fi 802.11n, accelerometer, compass and connectivity to iPods.

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Mario Ties the Knot

Check out this magnificent Mario wedding cake:

The full-sized image (and several others) are available at CakeWrecks Sunday Sweets.