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Bungie Signs Deal With The Devil

That’s right yesterday Bungie signed a ten year deal with the Devil himself (better known as Bobby Kotick).

What I’ve got to ask is, Bungie, What The Hell Were You Thinking!!!?

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 16 – I Withdraw My Question…

Another week and it’s another show.

This week we cover The Passing, Finish off Splinter Cell, and for some reason The Daddy has been playing Half Life 2 Episode 2.

We find out what The Daddy and Chinny sounded like in their first ever podcast, and Quanrian as always is here with this weeks indie picks Creed Arena and Trino,

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Super Mario Crossover

Many of us have discussed this, but I’ve never seen it happen in an actual game — but Newgrounds has brought us a full-featured version of Super Mario Bros. starring characters from other video games: Samus from Metroid, the guy from Contra, Simon from Castlevania, Link from Legend of Zelda, and Megan Man.

These aren’t just simple skins, either

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How Xbox Live Has Changed The Face Of Gaming

Back in the 1990′s massive adoption of online gaming was just a pipe dream, and most people accomplished multiplayer gaming by setting up LAN parties as demonstrated in the picture above.

In 1999 Sega decided to try and change that when the Dreamcast shipped with a built in dial up modem, and Sega vowed to bring online gaming to the masses, unfortunately Sega was probably a couple of years too early and way ahead of it’s time, because there just wasn’t the broadband infrastructure to support it.

Sony also dipped their toe in the water, but it wasn’t until Microsoft released Xbox live in 2002 that the face of gaming started to change.

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All this trouble for a Beta…

Say what you like about Halo, but their live-action shorts are always pretty cool. Don’t expect much from this video though, I hope there will be more to come leading up to the release of the game.


Alan Wake Bright Falls Released (In America)

For some reason, and I might be wrong, but I can’t seem to find Bright Falls on the UK Xbox live.

Maybe it’s America only, anyway if you are British here they are, part 1 above, and part 2 after read more.

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Metro 2033: The Book, Reviewed

When I learned several months ago that the game Metro 2033 was based on a novel, I raced to order the book. Then I learned that the English translation would not be released until the same day of the game launch. I placed my pre-order, got it two days later, and now I’m racing through it. I’m about halfway done, and I’m very impressed.

But I don’t understand how they made a game of it.

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