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New F.3.A.R. Screenshots

Thanks to GamersMint for sharing some new screenshots from the upcoming horror FPS F.3.A.R. Nothing too surprising: Apocalyptic crimson skies, enemy troops with electric armor, funky monkey-looking demon beasts, and blood — blood everywhere.

I’m intrigued by the glowing dude in the subway car.


Why Are People So Down On Games?

I guess it all really started back in 2005, with the release of the now infamous “Hot Coffee Mod”, for GTA San Andreas, which enabled your character to have sex with his girlfriend.

At the time the game had a 15+ rating, this was quickly re-rated Adult only by the ESRB, and Rockstar went on to stop production of the game that allowed the MOD and replaced it with a new version with the assets removed.

It really all came to a head when the now disbarred Jack Thompson, decided to wage a vendetta against all violent video games.

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Destructoid Really Didn’t Like Alpha Protocol

The title is an understatement, it received a 2 out of 10, and Jim Sterling went on to say that the game was pretty much broken.

If you want to save time, let’s get this out in the open right now — Alpha Protocol isn’t very good. In fact, it’s absolutely dreadful and it should not have been released

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 20 – The Good, The Bad And Chinny…

Welcome to show 20, it’s packed full off gaming goodness.

This week we talk about Modnation Racers and Red Dead Redemption, we also look ahead to June’s releases which includes, Alpha Protocol and Naughty Bear. Quanrian reviews Gerbil Physics 2 on the Indie Games, and we finish off with the Quiz.

All the above, with all the usual banter.


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Insane Tetris Skillz

This guy is intense. Via EpicWinFTW. (Make sure you watch to the end, when it goes to Ludicrous Speed!)


LOST Re-enacted By Cats In 1 Minute…

Do you know what, I watched this, and it made me feel all better about the debacle that was the real LOST finale, which was truly terrible.

In fact this is better than the real LOST.

Anyway watch and enjoy, as it made me smile.

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Is Super Mario Galaxy 2 – The Best Game Ever?

So this game is already out in the US, and comes to us in the UK on the 11th of June.

So far at Metacritic it is scoring a whopping 98 out of a 100, with the worst score being 90.

Is it really the best game ever made, how can a 3d platformer be that good ?

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