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Portal 2 – Meet Wheatley

That’s right, Valve have released a teaser trailer, introducing us to Wheatley, your new sidekick throughout the game.

I have to say it is a stroke of genius, as from watching the trailer, you already know he is going to be hilarious, and he will definitely add an extra dimension to the gameplay, roll on 2011.


E3 Stuff You Might Have Missed…

So E3 is over, and we have already covered off the big announcements from the three big companies, but what else was there?

On this weeks podcast we discuss stuff people might have overlooked, so I thought I would list it down for people to read about.

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 24 – Come On Feel The Noise…

Yes it’s show 24 and yes Duke’s sound board is back (but under control…for now)

This week we discuss, some of the games that might have got missed from E3, these include, Journey from That Game Company, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Conduit 2 on the Wii, the Dead Rising 2 Prequel, and finish off with a really cool platformer also

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How I Fell in Love with a Video Game Character

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the games Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, and Heavy Rain.

Okay, so I’ve never actually fallen in love with a character from a video game. But I have felt a certain connection with some video game characters (especially Non-Player Characters, or NPCs); you probably have, too. As games develop, we’ll have more of these friendships — and they’ll become more meaningful. The possibility for genuine human connection with virtual beings is becoming more and more powerful as time goes on. The amazing thing is: It has almost nothing to do with technology.

I’ll admit right up front that what follows is kinda long. There’s lots of words here, and I won’t be offended if some people take an attitude of TLDR. But these are important philosophical concepts, and I want to see the conversation move beyond the stale, boring black-and-white argument of “yes it is”/”no it isn’t”.

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New Xbox shuts down before overheating

Details of the new Xbox have started to vent out and the latest is the new Xbox slims way of tackling the overheating  problem, it shuts off. If the vents or fan get blocked some how the Xbox will warn the player and shut off, turning the power button red. The Xbox will not be able to turn back on again till the red power button switches itself off.

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Portal 2 Details…

Finally, we have got some more details on this game, new devices, and some details on how the co-op will work, so here goes.

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VeteranGamers NFS Car

Check out the silly car I wasted an hour creating on Need for Speed: Shift.

It’s especially silly because I’ve come to realize that I really don’t enjoy racing sims. I’m going back to NFS Carbon. More pics after the jump.

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