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Duke Drawed Sum’tin

Check out this silly webcomic I made. It stars me and my XBox. (Click for the full-size version.)


The Veteran Gamers Episode 29 – Games…Art, Art…Games

So welcome to show 29 and it’s another jam packed show.

This week we discuss Limbo, Metro 2033, Alpha Protocol and Singularity.

Chinny does a speed run of Limbo while we record the show and Quanrian joins us, to tell us about the indie game Square Off.

In the middle of the show, we ponder if games should be judged

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VeteranGamers 2.0 is Here!

Well, it took me all day, but the fresh, new, and action-packed website redesign is done. We’ll be adding more stuff soon, so make sure you check back constantly. Until your hand is cramped and sore from clicking the reload button.

As always, please send complaints and bug reports to (since that address goes to Stu and Chinny, not me). LOLZ


Enjoyed Limbo Did You?

If you enjoyed Limbo, and are one of those people you thinks there are no decent games on the Wii, think again.

Above is some footage from the upcoming Wii game ‘Lost In Shadow’, and it looks very impressive, it also shows how you will manipulate objects in the real world to solve puzzles in the shadow world.

The sad part is, it has been put back until

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Mafia 2 – 15 Minutes Of Gameplay…

Chinny can officially get excited, because you know what, this looks pretty good. The animations look smooth, and the city itself is very reminiscent of a GTA game.

Unlike GTA, I think this game is going to be more grounded, oh and by the way, if anyone doesn’t know, the Mafia 2 Demo will hit Xbox Live and PSN on the 10th of August, so we will get

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MetrOh BABY 2033

Look at this place — I go on holiday for a week and everything falls to pieces! Well, I’m back, and while I was gone I finally finished reading Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post-apocalyptic novel Metro 2033. (Remember back when I posted my initial impressions?)

So now that I’m done, I can finally say: Wow. This is a really magnificent

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 28 – There You Go, There You Go…

Welcome to show 28.

This week we discuss lots of stuff including, Deathspank, Crackdown 2 and Decay Pt 2.

Quanrian joins to tell us about this years dream build in play winner Lumi, we try and decide if gamers are pretentious and finish the show with a load of emails.

Enjoy the show.

Send Emails to:



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