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Fun in Dysfunction: Gaming Made Us Craziezzz

Dear readers of the Daily Moralist. There is a virulent plague sweeping our youth, desecrating their fragile sensibilities and turning them into an amoral, rampaging gang of hoodlums screaming for death, drinking human blood and putting harmless cats into wheelie bins. Gone are the days when we could soundly thrash our children, starve them for a week and then let them play with lead soldiers. These are extreme times, and an extreme measure must be taken. First, however, you must be made aware of this silent, vile abomination, and what damage it is inflicting in our sweet cherubs. I refer, of course, to these so-called ‘TV games’, or ‘video games’ as the foul peddlers who sell this filth call them. Parents, read on, and beware…

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 33 – How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck…

Welcome to show 33.

This week we discuss, Kane and Lynch 2, Dragon Age Origins and Duke caved in, bought a PS2 and has been reliving his ill spent youth playing Ico again.

Quanrian joins us and gives us 7strains:The Infectious and Avatar Squadron to play, we also cover news about Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, From Dust and the new Left

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Visionary Game Ideas #1: Bloody Dagger

Sometimes I get cool ideas for video games, but of course I don’t have any way to follow up with them. Any developer who wishes to make an actual game from my idea owes me 80% of the profits.

Jack Dagger is a man on a mission. A tough-as-nails undercover agent, he killed the wrong bad guy and now a psychopathic Australian drug kingpin called Dr. Concrete wants him — and his eight-year-old daughter Sophie — dead. Now Dagger has to take on Concrete’s army of thugs and get his daughter to safety.

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Achievements Killed My Dog, Part Two

Previously I considered the merit of the achievement/trophy system from a sense of reward. Or potential lack thereof. This time, we delve into the recesses of the psyche, bait the fanboys with some achievement/trophy comparisons, and fight the mayor at city hall, and you can take my badge when I’m done, to hell with the force.

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5 Reasons Why Myst, Ico, and Portal Are the Best Puzzle Games Ever

Of all the fun puzzle-style video games that have appeared over the years (and games which incorporate some sort of puzzle element), three games stand on a victorious precipice above all the rest. Carefully designed, beautifully rendered, and packed with replay value, these games — Myst, Ico, and Portal — are without doubt the best puzzle games ever made. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has played these games without enjoying them.

Each has some unique elements, of course, but all three share important traits that elevate the game from simple enjoyment to magnificent treasure. Here goes:

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VeteranGamers Playdate: Sunday — Quantum of Solace

Join DukeSkath and a gaggle of other cool people for the first EVER official VeteranGamers Playdate. If you miss this, you’re nobody!

Date: Sunday 22 August Time: 6:00 PM UK Time / Noon US Central Time Game: Quantum of Solace Multiplayer (XBox 360)

Send out your FriendRequests now to avoid the rush. See you there!


Harmonix: Thieves and Liars

As a lifelong fan of the industrial metal band Ministry, I was vastly disappointed by Harmonix’s decision last year to release three of their least-impressive songs ever, “Cuz U R Next,” “LiesLiesLies,” and “The Great Satan” for RockBand.

Imagine my joy and euphoria when I saw — significantly after the fact, thank you so much Overseas Connection — that a new Ministry track pack was just released, this time featuring perhaps the three best Ministry songs ever: “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” “Stigmata,” and “Thieves”. As they downloaded, I danced around singing “omigod.. omigod.. omigod.. YAY!”

I love playing these songs (finally), and I’ve probably done some permanent damage to my ears by cranking up the volume so high. But there’s a problem — a big problem.

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