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Top Five Hardcore Games On The Wii You Need To Play

So come on admit it, most of us have a Wii sat next to the telly gathering dust and looking a bit lonely and neglected. The only time it sees any action is when the family comes around at Christmas and after one too many eggnogs and mince pies, they decide to recreate the local bowling ally in the living room (even granny gets in on the action).

But should it be the only time we give the Wii any love?

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Fast Love: a celebration of slow gaming


Zen wisdom tells us: ‘Smile, breathe and go slowlyBeing a wretched and morose Lizard, I take exception with the smiling aspect. I do like to breathe however. Sometimes several times a minute. The key tenet, as diligent readers might have guessed, is the part about going slowly. Some Veteran Gamers might recall the ‘80s television adverts for Cadbury’s Caramel, in which an inappropriately sexual femme fatale bunny soothed vexed animals, and implored them to ‘take it easy’. That anthropomorphised leporid had a valid point. Many of us play our games with the wrong agenda. Speed is good. Perhaps not in the bedroom (I have been prescribed pills for that concern, though), but useful in the modern world. However, we view games as a thing to complete, or master as quickly as possible, and we are cheating ourselves of a more profound and lasting experience. We need to apply the brakes. Trust me. I am a Lizard now, but I was a sloth in a former life…

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A Closer Look – Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer

I take a look at the Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer to see if there is more than meets the eye.


Why Is Death Always The End?

So I guess we all agree that game developers are starting to do a good job of telling stories in games. Well at least a better job than in previous years.

But in my opinion there is still a fundamental issue, which is still holding game developers back and stopping them from developing the medium of games even further forward, what is that, you may ask? Simple really, the answer is death, in it’s many guises and avoiding it.

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Surface Lizard goes 360…

A 360. Obviously. Also makes tea.

Damn you, Veteran Gamers! I was a contended Lizard with my PS3 and my PC. But, no. You had to be a fantastic community. You had to have 360s, and not necessarily a PS3. You had to all have countless, potentially sticky, evenings of multiplayer mayhem without me. Salty tears did I weep. Until my reptilian pea-brain conjured its first intelligent, logical deduction since equating Pot Noodle with nausea and malnutrition: why not purchase a 360?

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 37 – Th-Th-That’s All Folks…

Welcome to show 37.

This week we have a very special guest on the show, and no it isn’t Peter Molyneux, to tell us about Playstation Move. We have also been playing more Mafia 2, MUD’s(whatever they are) well Duke has anyway and we also played Demon’s Souls and the Enslaved Demo.

In the middle of the show Quanrian gives

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Frankie: the greatest game I never finished…


1986 was a grand year for the ten-year-old Surface Lizard; a mere burgeoning reptile on the face of this indifferent planet. The Chernobyl reactor disaster shifted the perception of nuclear power. The Challenger shuttle tragically exploded. Mexico hosted the World Cup, with sinister green hobbit mascot Pique. Chris De Burgh violated our charts with ballad-vomitus The Lady in Red. Surface Lizard had his gaming universe redefined by Frankie goes to Hollywood: The Computer Game. Almost 25 years on, and I have still not completed it, and never want to. What is that magic of older games that defined us in our youth? Am I terrified that, if I finish those beloved classic games, the world will end? At least that would mean an end to The X Factor.

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