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Dread-ful Games: another tedious list of ‘scariest’ titles

Hallowe’en is again upon us. ‘Eee, it comes round quicker every year’ as my dear grandmother tells me. I then attempt to inform her that time is actually a constant quantity, and find myself soundly thrashed with her cane. Which is not wholly unpleasant. The streets swarm with deformed horrors and ghastly creatures, which is really no different from a usual Saturday night in Devon. Adorable young scamps hammer insistently upon the door and demand chocolate, like hypoglycaemic sugar addicts, and then proceed to urinate through your letter box if you happen to have run out. Religious fundamental groups whine about Satanism. The whole charade is a cynical commercial sham, and frankly, you are far better off closing the curtains, playing some terrifying games, and eating the chocolate you had put aside for the trick-or-treat kiddies. You can clean up the letterbox urine tomorrow. Consider these the most unnerving, tense and well-conceived digital horror experiences ever created. At least since Babysitting Party on the Wii.

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Fallout New Vegas: Celebrations, Complaints, and Caution

Well, it took me 35 hours, but I finally finished my first playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. (I will surely play it more/again, so the word “Final” in the headline is served with a side of absurdity.) I am very happy and satisfied with the game, and of course I recommend it very highly. I have some thoughts to share, but I’m won’t be giving any story spoilers. I assume you, dear reader, will be playing the game at some point, so these are invitations and cautionary notes, mixed in with some various points I didn’t get to make on this week’s podcast.

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 42 – The Meaning Of Life…

Welcome to show 42.

This week Duke gets all excited about Fallout New Vegas (and I mean EXCITED!), The Daddy finishes Enslaved and plays DJ Hero 2 and Chinny dragged everyone into a game of Left 4 Dead 2.

Quanrian gives us Radian Games Fluid and Ripple to play and we also cover some news in the middle of the

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Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare Review

So it’s fair to say that we have been overrun with Zombie games in the last two years. Between Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising 2 and World At War Nazi Zombies and some others that I won’t take the time to mention, there has been plenty to choose from.

I guess the question is, why should we put our billy bucks down on Undead Nightmare?

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Back in Time

My excitement for this game has gone up 100x


VG Playdate: Bad Company 2 on Sunday!

Join DukeSkath and other cool VeteranGamers for our next official playdate! Be part of a squad and blow stuff up and shoot things and drive around in tanks!

Date: Sunday 24 October Time: 6:00 pm UK Time / 12:00 noon US Central Time Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Platform: XBox 360 Send Friend Requests and/or RSVP messages

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 41 – Duke Has A Rant…Again

Welcome to show 41.

Duke finally gets Halo Reach, but does he like it? Chinny plays CSI and The Daddy delves knee deep into Enslaved, we give the demo for Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 a whirl and Mirror’s Edge on the iPhone isn’t half bad.

Quanrian gives us HakoSekai and Mama and Son Clean House to play in

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