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Little Big Planet 2 – Why You Should Buy It

As Little Big Planet 2 is almost upon us, I thought I would take a look at some of the best levels created in the Beta so far and it is fair to say that some of them are pretty good.

Roll on January (oh that’s tomorrow)

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 51 – It’s Christmas Everyone!!!

Welcome to show 51 and it’s full of Christmas cheer.

Chinny isn’t with us again, due to a serious sledging accident (hope your nose gets better soon), but as they say the show must go on.

Duke played a lot of games this week, he covered off Split Second, Go, Red Dead Undead Nightmare, Transformers War For Cybertron and A

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The Veteran Gamers Midweek Interview – Radiangames


This week I caught up with Luke Schneider from Radiangames.

He discusses his time working on Red Faction – Guerrilla, how the transition was to running his own independent games development company and what he sees in the future for Radiangames and the indie service on Xbox Live.


If you have any opinions, send Emails to:



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Best Kinect Hacks of 2010

Thanks to The High Definite and Uproxx for bringing us The 12 Best Kinect Hacks of 2010. There’s some really impressive stuff there! Most of it isn’t too practical yet, but the videos show us what could be possible in the future. They’ve got self-driving cars, lightsaber mods, and Predator-style camouflage filters. I’m definitely growing less hateful toward Microsoft’s latest bag o’ tricks.

My favorite is this real-life Mario

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Duke Nukem (The Fate Of Humanity)

That’s right a fan has made a Duke based short movie.

Uwe Bolle eat your heart out!!!


Indie Games Winter Uprising

As regular VG Podcast listeners know, a team of indie game developers have come together to present the 2010 “Winter Uprising” of new games. Most of them are out now (except two I’m eagerly anticipating — Cthulu Saves the World and Alpha Squad, both scheduled for release on 29 Dec), so have a look at the Uprising website and watch the trailer.

Indie Games Winter Uprising from Nakatomi

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Fun Stuff for the Holidays

It’s time for another collection of wacky fun pictures and videos that I’ve been saving from around the internets. (Remember the last set?) First up is this amazing Pac-Man Christmas display, from EpicWinFTW:

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