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VG Playdate: RedDead Sunday!

Saddle up, pardners! The Vets are headin’ out with guns drawn. Join us for some shootin’, boozin’, and ridin’. We’ll do some co-op, some gold rush, and if enough people have it, some Undead Nightmare. Y’all come ’round now, y’hear!

When: Sunday 27 Feb at 6:00 PM UTC (1:00 PM EST in the US) Game: Red Dead

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New Skyrim Trailer

I know not everyone is excited about this, but.. Ohhhhhh baby!

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 59 – Wow! Quanrian Sounds Weird…

Welcome to show 59.

This week The Daddy plays yet another version of Dead Space, Chinny is still slowly playing Transformers and Duke played a load of indie games.

Quanrian joins us (I think) to give us Avatar Adventurers to play. Surface Lizard is back and grumbling about something gaming related and we also look at 10 underrated games that

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Ever Wondered What Heavy Rain The Movie Would Be Like?

Well if you were wondering and have 2 hours 44 minutes to spare, sit back, grab your popcorn and relive that perfect moment from the game…. Jason!, Jason!, JAAAAASOOOOOON!



Motion Control: who needs it?

The other week, I was meandering like a lost thought in my local supermarket, when I approached the fresh fish counter. On a whim, I picked up one rather melancholy looking fresh squid, and threw it into the air. Time slowed down, and Pink Floyd played as that poor squid hypnotically spiralled and sprawled, tentacles flailing in a desperate and uncoordinated dance of chaos. As I watched that squid perform the air ballet, I was struck with a staggering sense of déjà vu. I had seen this before. And then it struck me. Watching anybody play a motion control game was exactly like watching a dead squid flying through the air. And far less poetic. Motion control. What’s the point?

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Dead Island Trailer Minecraft Stylee…

We had the controversial Dead Island trailer last week!

This week it has been recreated in Minecraft. For some reason it still resonates even in Pixel form and it is pretty good by block standards.


VG Playdate: Killzone2 on the PS3 (Today!)

Join Duke and other cool VeteranGamers for our weekly playdate, this time on the PSTriple! Take your motion-sickness pills and get ready for some Helghast havoc as we blast each other into last week.

When: Today (Sunday 20 Feb) at 6pm UTC (1pm EST in the US) Game: Killzone 2 on the PS3 Send PSN FRs to:

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