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Lemme be the first to say, that Duke is a douche.

I love Duke, he is one of my most favourite people I’ve met while doing all of this but boy did he get me. He got me good.

Thats right this was an early April fools and the reason why he did it early was because I did

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I know this is really out of the blue. I know this is going to make some people sad (and others happy, heh). I know I may have some thoughts of regret eventually. But I have to resign as a member of the VeteranGamers team.

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Controversial Games: Night Trap

B-cup movie.

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Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)


BlackOps: Truth and Trivia

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fun game which lets the player interact with a variety of real-world people and events (and allusions to other sources). Having studied some of the things that show up in the singleplayer campaign (and unable to switch off the teacher part of my brain, even during Spring Break), I thought it might be useful to discuss some of them here. (I know no one would trust a video game to reveal the truth about world history, but I hate to risk it.)

Obviously, those who have not played the singleplayer campaign should proceed with caution. Here there be spoilers.

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VG Playdate: Gears of War

Join Duke and Chinny (probably) and other cool people for an evening of brutal shooting and chainsaw shredding in the original Gears of War. It’s been five years, so they should have all the multiplayer kinks worked out by now. Bring it on, sucka!

When: Sunday 27 March 2011 at 6pm UTC (1pm EST) Game: Gears of War

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Crysis 2: First Impressions

Please note (again) that the title says first impressions. This is not commentary from a full play-through. I just want to put some initial musings down before the weekend. I’ll have more to say on next week’s podcast, I’m sure. I won’t really discuss the multiplayer here, since most people who care at all have probably already played the MP demo. It’s like that, only with more game modes (none of which I’ve unlocked yet).

The singleplayer campaign reminds me most of FEAR2. There are lots of bad guys wearing masks standing around waiting to find you. There’s plenty of ammo lying around, and you’re a supersoldier with a high-tech suit facing a supernatural enemy. There’s also lots of data on the screen; you have the option to pull down a special HUD that shows you yellow “strategy points” which are good for getting a view of the enemy and terrain. You can tag bad guys, but I haven’t noticed much effect of this, other than having a faint red outline around them while you approach.

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