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VG Playdate: Red Dead on Sunday 31 July

Saddle up, pardners! We’re heading out for some rootin-tootin good times in the great western frontier. Grab your six-guns and get ready to ride, shoot, and lasso some goooooood times.

When: Sunday 31 July 2011 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) Game: Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) Send FRs to: DukeSkath, ChinChinny, Veterangamersuk


The Veteran Gamers Episode 81 – Are New IPs Sent To Die?

Welcome to show 81.

This week Duke gets to grips with Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Bastion Demo, Saints Row and Ms Splosion Man, The Daddy finishes Killzone 3, gets Back To The Future on the cheap and plays Lego Harry Potter on the iPod touch, and Chinny rounds us out by finishing Duke Nukem.

In the middle of the

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The Veteran Gamers Midweek Interview – EA Bright Light Studios

Welcome to another midweek interview.

This week Chinny is joined by Harvey Elliott Vice President and General Manager of EA Bright Light Studios.

EA Bright Light began life as the EA UK studio back in 1995 – the studio synonymous with most successful movie-game series of all time, Harry Potter.  It also has a deep and rich gaming heritage through the acquisition of Bullfrog Productions, with games such as

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Grove Street Represent: A Love Letter to GTA San Andreas

I love Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for many reasons. It was the first open-world sandbox-style game I ever played, and the first in the GTA series. It provides an engrossing world with beautiful scenery and dynamic environments. And of course it’s a really fun game to play. (For some reason I really liked the part where you fight over gang territory with color codes on the map.)

But my love for this game goes much deeper. In an attempt to express my passion clearly, I shall use handy bullet points for easy exposition. I’ll try to keep this brief, but I’ve got lots and lots of stuff to say. Hopefully this goes without saying, but be aware that there are lots of spoilers ahead. (Note too that the video clips contain bad words.)

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Veteran Gamers Drawing Competition

That’s right you can win 1200 Microsoft Points or a PSN card to the same value if you enter. Wanna know more?

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Commander Shepard in DNF

Hey, look. Someone found something useful to do with Duke Nukem Forever.


Duke’s Catherine Demo Rant: Extended Cut

This week’s podcast features a classic rant from yours truly, recorded live while I played the demo for that dumb new game Catherine.

Many of you are no doubt wondering: “Why is it so short!? And how can I listen to the entire rant?” Well, wonder no more. Here’s the whole thing, in convenient YouTube format. Enjoy!

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