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The Veteran Gamers Episode 90 – Two Blokes In A Room…Eurogamer 2011

Welcome to show 90.

This week is a Eurogamer special. We got a room again and talked about all the games we played, all the cool people we met from the community (they might even be on the show) and everything in-between!

We also gatecrashed the Midlife Gamer Podcast charity bash and a big shoutout goes to Darren, Matt,

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My First Impressions Of Onlive

So Onlive has finally arrived in the UK and I was lucky enough to have been at Eurogamer last weekend and received a Micro Console for free, which retails at Onlive UK for £69.99.

So what do you get in the box? Well, a controller, Micro Console, USB Charging Cable, Ethernet Cable, Duracell Batteries, Rechargeable Battery Pack and an HDMI cable.

The console itself has two USB ports, Ethernet port, HDMI, Optical out, AV out and an earphone socket.

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Ico + Shadow = 91%

These games are ten years old and they’re still scoring 90+% at Metacritic. It’s not just me, folks!

You wanna see something else cool? Name me another time when you saw this on a game about to come out:

No mixed reviews, no negative reviews.

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VG Playdate: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Join Duke and .. well, probably just Duke for some classic old-skool cover-based shoot-em-up action in Tom Clancy’s best game ever! Depending on how many folks show up, we could do some Terrorist Hunting, or do a little private TDM. Be there!

When: Sunday 25 September 2011 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) Game: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Xbox

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 89 – Leeson Carefully I Weell Read This Only Once…

Welcome to show 89.

This week The Daddy is back and boy did he play some games, Warhammer, Rise Of Nightmares and FIFA 12 to name but a few, Duke also played FIFA 12, Fable 3 and of course more Driver San Francisco and Chinny didn’t play anything!

VlaDOS joins us and gives us Speed Runner HD to play and

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The Real Mojave

Just as with 3, Fallout New Vegas contains many locations based on real places. This person went to Goodsprings with a camera. Enjoy!


Gears Of War 3 Review Roundup

So the question is, has Epic and Cliffy lived up to the high expectations set by the first two games? or has that chainsaw bayonet been used one time too often?

With an average of 91 at Metacritic, they may have made the first of this Autumn’s blockbusters, after Deus Ex that is.

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