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VG Playdate: Gears 3 Part III

Sorry for the late notice, but we’re doing Gears 3 again this week. Join us!

When: Sunday 30 October 2011 at 6pm GMT (2pm EST) Game: Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) Send FRs to: DukeSkath, ChinChinny, Veterangamersuk, Big Daddy Blast

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Interview with Carol Shaw

Carol Shaw was a pioneering video game designer back in the glory days of the first Atari home systems. She created River Raid, a superb game on the 2600. Vintage Computing and Gaming did an extended interview with her recently, which is definitely worth a look.

One time when I was working in the lab, Ray Kassar, President of

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 94 – What The Hell Did We Talk About?

Welcome to show 94.

This week The Daddy gets to grips with Batman Arkham City, Duke is still playing Fallout Three and Chinny is playing Spiderman Shattered Memories.

VlaDOS brings us Techno Chopper to check out and we also discuss the rumors surrounding the existence of the next generation of Xbox. We also look at a scientific study on the

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Uncharted 3 : The Reviews Are In!

So the next game of the year contender is nearly out, and the verdict so far at Metacritic off 39 reviews is a very healthy 93, this along with the many other great releases so far, has made it yet another good year to be a gamer.

Click read more for a selection.

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Julia Wertz and the SuperNintendo

One of my favorite webcomic artists is Julia Wertz, who used to draw a comic about her life called The Fart Party. In her second FP collection, she tells a cute story about how she and her brother really wanted a SuperNintendo for Christmas one year. I thought I’d share. (Click for full-sized version.)

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Gears Of War:Mad World Uprising

Thanks to Cahill for providing the link for this fan made Gears Of War parody from The Screen Team , nice use of Muse!


VG Playdate: Killzone 3

Okay all you PS3 Fanboys and Chad-Warden-Wannabes! You asked for it, you got it. We’re doing a PS3 playdate this week. Join us for some foggy fun and fragging foolishness against the Hellgath.

When: Sunday 23 October 2011 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) Game: Killzone 3 (PS3) Send FRs to: DukeSkath, Chinny1985, xXBig-DaddyXx