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BusinessWeek Interviews Gabe Newell

It’s official — the Valve Employee Handbook is official. BusinessWeek interviewed Gabe and he confirmed it:

I’d mentioned the handbook on a podcast and one of the listeners contacted us and said ‘Hey, can I get a copy?’ So [designer] Greg Coomer sent him a copy and all of a sudden it got posted online.

But the most interesting bit

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Nintendo Posts First Loss in Decades

As they say, all good things come to an end. Nintendo has posted its first annual loss since 1981.

The maker of Mario and Zelda games in January telegraphed that it would post steep declines in sales and a substantial loss for the year ended March 31. Thursday’s results were roughly in line with its grim forecasts, as both sales

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VG Playdate: Left 4 Dead

Pills here! Join us for another fun-filled evening of shooting and shambling.

When: Sunday 29 April 2012 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) Game: Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) Send FRs/PMs to: DukeSkath, Big Daddy Blast, Veterangamersuk


The Veteran Gamers Episode 120 – Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Welcome to show 120.

This week Chinny has been playing Trials Evolution, The Darkness and Fez, Duke also gave Fez a whirl along with the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta and The Daddy played lots and lots of The Witcher 2.

VlaDOS gave us Quiet, Please! to play from the indie games and we also discussed potential lay offs at

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If You Had £10 To Spend On A Game – What Should You Buy?

As we know, gaming is an expensive hobby and with rumours that the next generation of consoles wont support second hand games, make the most of it while you can.

So if you have £10 burning a hole in your pocket, what should you buy with it?

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US Man Sues Ubisoft for Alleged “Assassin’s Creed” Ripoff

From ABC News we learn that a Pennsylvania man is suing Ubisoft for allegedly stealing ideas from a novel he wrote in 2003.

John Beiswenger of Strasburg filed the lawsuit last week. The suit alleges that the video game series is substantially similar to “Link,” a novel he published in 2003. Beiswenger is seeking up to $5.25 million in

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VG Playdate: Team Fortress 2

Yeah, baby! We’re back with another fun evening of flag-capturing and zone-controlling. Join us for some crazy fun Team Fortress 2 action this Sunday. Boo-yah!

When: Sunday 22 April 2012 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) Game: Team Fortress 2 (Xbox 360) Send FRs/PMs to: DukeSkath, Big Daddy Blast, Veterangamersuk