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VG Playdate: TF2 on Steam

This week, while most people are at EuroGamer, GHRocker and I will be playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Valve has done an excellent job of optimizing it to run on every system (even the Mac), so if you’ve got a computer you’ve got no excuse! Join us!

When: Sunday 30 September at 6pm UK time (1pm EST

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 142 – Is This Thing Recording?

Hello and welcome to show 142.

This week apart from the recording hiccup, The Daddy has been playing the RE6 demo, nearly finished Black Mesa and took Chinny’s advice and picked up Borderlands 2, Duke played loads of games including, Jet Set Radio HD, The Killing Floor and more Witcher and Chinny finished Syndicate and played not one but two

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The entire paradox of human habitat preservation, summed up in two seconds of FF7 dialogue

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VG Playdate: MW3

Tomorrow (Sunday 23 Sept) we’re playing MW3 on the XBox 360. 6pm UK time, 1pm EST in the US. Join us.

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First 30 Minutes of Final Fantasy VII Recreated in LBP2

Exactly what it says on the tin. Totally awesome. (But probably only for people who played FF7 back in the day.)

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 141 – Wii U Buy One Then?

Welcome to show 141.

This week Chinny played Syndicate and more Game Dev Story, Duke also played Game Dev Story and Sleeping Dogs and The Daddy played only one game, which was Black Mesa.

VlaDOS is on holiday or is it escaped from Duke? it’s one or the other, anyway Chinny brings us the news, which includes Wii U and

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Borderlands 2 Review Roundup…It’s A Hit!

So Borderlands 2 currently, is scoring 90 on 360, 92 on PS3 and 89 on PC at Metacritic so to save you the time I have rounded up a selection of those reviews.

The question is, if you are not getting it, why not?!

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