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The Veteran Gamers Episode 151 – Chinny Chases A Couger!!!

Welcome to show 151.

This week we are coming to you unedited, wi’nowt teken out! ( a bit of Yorkshire lingo for you)

So what did we get up to then? Well Duke played Oblivion, Portal 2 Mods and Black Ops 2, Chinny has nearly finished Assassin’s Creed 3  and  The Walking Dead Episode 3 and The Daddy played The

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VG Playdate: Black Ops II

This week, by popular demand, we’re playing Black Ops II. I’m going to track it down at a RedBox because I actually don’t know if I’ll be buying it. (No, really this time.) Join us!

When: Sunday 25 November 2012 at 6pm UK time (1pm EST in the US) Game: Black Ops II (Xbox 360) Send FRs/PMs to:

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 150 – The Live Show With The Aternative Ending!

Welcome to show 150, we did it live!

We had a great show this week to celebrate a lot of shows as the Veteran Gamers, we talked about all the games we played this week, VlaDOS challenges Quanrian for the longest indie pick ever, which was Shark Attack Deathmatch and were joined by special guests: Seth McNitt, Nick Abbott and

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Makes Sense

Seen on Reddit:


VG LIVE: Monday 19 November @ 10pm GMT

That’s right, people! This week is our 150th episode, so.. we’ll do it live! To listen, simply go to our UStream Channel:

The fun begins on Monday 19 November at 10pm GMT (5pm EST in the US). We are currently broadcasting music so you can make sure everything’s working properly. Join us!

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The Veteran Gamers Episode 149 – The Curious Case Of Peter Molyneux!

Welcome to show 149.

This week Duke played a modern game from Bethesda or did he? Chinny played Assassin’s Creed 3 and more Borderlands 2 and The Daddy played Dyad, Curiosity and Hell Yeah!.

VlaDOS brought us the indie game Spyleaks to play and in Chinny’s news, we covered GTA V details and it is fair to say that Chinny

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Curiosity:What’s Inside The Cube Was Always Doomed To Failure!

Bold statement you may say, but 100% accurate.

Since the first day that Curiosity launched, it has managed to accumulate 782,912 players, impressive you might say and it is, but it is also it’s undoing, as due to this high number of players and Peter Molyneux and his teams failure to provide enough server space (which

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